An introduction to AI in SEO

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Training conducted by:

Mark Chalcraft
: Head of Technical SEO
Tom Burnett: SEO Manager

Course duration: 2 hours

Training summary:

AI technology like ChatGPT is now at the forefront of everyone's minds. Two separate contests are emerging, between the search giants in one arena and marketers in another, as each group battles to gain an advantage over the competition.

However, it has some significant pitfalls and could do more harm than good. In this session, we explore both areas and seek to answer the question, "How will AI technology change the landscape, and how can marketers use AI effectively?" 

What we'll cover:

  • The changing landscape - what is AI tech, and why is it important? Understanding AI's strengths and limitations - why "AI" is a slightly misleading term. Dangers of bias and error. The quality of output is directly related to the quality of training data.
  • A new battle for eyes - what you need to know about the contest for search engine dominance with Google and Bing trading blows, testing AI integration into search products.
  • A search evolution - how it will be an evolution and not an overnight revolution in how search engines work, and preparing for a shift to conversational search experiences that will result in website visits shifting down the funnel.
  • The race for marketing advantage - what this means for content marketing and production at scale. We'll explore AI uses as a research tool and task automation.
  • Lessons in SEO history, lethal Pandas and deadly Penguins - are we heading for a repeat of Google taking punitive action against spammy tactics?
  • How to use AI successfully to advance marketing efforts - it's a tool like any other. The principles stay the same - find out what users need and deliver that through a good experience. Use it well to enhance results.

Who should watch this course:
We've designed this comprehensive introductory course to give attendees a practical understanding of how AI will embed in search and how marketers can use the technology practically to accelerate marketing efforts.


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