Training: An Introduction to GA4

An introductory training session on using Google's new web analytics platform.

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Training conducted by:
Lacë Rogers: Head of Analytics and Data
Sam Dunkley: Senior Web Analyst

Course duration:
1hr 40mins

Course summary:

An online primer session to help marketers understand the basics of Google Analytics 4.

What attendees will learn:

  • What is Google Analytics 4?
  • Key variances between Universal Analytics and GA4
  • Full reporting across devices
  • Understanding the event base structure
  • Designing events
  • Data retention and cardinality
  • The primary interface elements
  • Understanding the data delivery structure
  • The GA4 data connector
  • What is Google BigQuery?

Who should watch this training?

The content is ideal for anyone wanting to know more about the new reporting platform and the key differences from the legacy Universal Analytics platform. We'll deliver a brief overview using the demo account and provide people with some of the key features of the reporting platform.


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