Audience research training modules

With these sessions, we'll help you learn how to understand more about your audiences, including their needs, behaviours and experiences, so that you can create marketing strategies and implement tactics that will have greater impact.

End-to-end customer experience discovery

Course summary:

This training course covers the complete end-to-end process of Customer Experience Discovery. This fundamental research approach allows you to understand more about your audiences and their experience with your brand and the wider sector.

Also, it provides essential insights into where to focus your marketing activity first, based on the principle of addressing ‘Moments of Truth’.

What attendees will learn:

  • The importance of understanding more about your audience and customers
  • The 10-stage customer experience journey
  • How to group and prioritise your audience groups
  • How to create empathy maps of audiences
  • How to write audience interview questions
  • How to conduct qualitative audience interviews
  • What is a Customer Experience Journey Map and how to complete one
  • How to identify Moments of Truth
  • How to create solutions and prioritise these into a tactical matrix and roadmap

Watch this summary to find out more about End-to-End Customer Experience Discovery:


Customer experience journey mapping

Course summary:

This training course introduces you to the Customer Experience Journey Map. This essential tool allows you to capture the experience, behaviour, needs, touchpoints and Moments of Truth of your customer or potential customers.

You’ll learn about each of the components of the map and how to complete them, plus understand how to interpret and draw out actionable insights from them that can inform your marketing strategy and activity.

What attendees will learn:

  • What is a Customer Experience Journey Map
  • Benefits and uses of a Customer Experience Journey Map
  • The components of the Customer Experience Journey Map: Goals; Needs; Actions and Experience; Touchpoints; COM-B; and Moments of Truth
  • How to complete the map
  • How to interpret the information into actionable insights

Empathy mapping

Course summary:

This training course introduces you to the Empathy Map – a hugely helpful tool to help businesses understand more about their audience and customer groups.

You’ll learn what an Empathy Map is, its benefits and its uses of them, plus how to run your own workshop with your internal stakeholders.

What attendees will learn:

  • The benefits of an empathy map and when it can be used
  • The critical components of an Empathy Map
  • How to complete an Empathy Map effectively
  • How to run an Empathy Mapping workshop

Watch a video that explains what Empathy Mapping is and why you should be using it:


Customer interviewing

Course summary:

This training course will teach you the techniques required to conduct compelling customer interviews.

You’ll learn how to prepare and construct the interview, plus understand how to ask the right questions and remove biases to produce high-quality and insightful learnings.

What attendees will learn:

  • How to construct a customer interview and manage practical aspects, including notetaking and recording
  • Types of questions to use to elicit the best answers
  • Techniques for making interviews flow smoothly
  • How to remove biases from your interviewing
  • The dos and don’ts of interviewing


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