Biddable Media Training

Learn how to structure and run successful, profitable campaigns on PPC, Adwords and other bid platforms with a training course from Google certified partner Fresh Egg.

Biddable Paid Search - Standard Course

This 1-day introductory course on biddable media is based around four, 1h 10 minute sessions. By the end of the day you will be able to set up an Adwords/PPC account in Google or Bing, know the relevant terminology and be comfortable with writing ad copy, targeting appropriate keywords and managing the ongoing campaign using bid management and budget management strategies. Also covered are basic account optimisation techniques to ensure that the paid search campaigns remain profitable easy to manage and maintain.

Session One – introduction and familiarisation

Session Two – keywords and account structuring

Session Three – keyword strategies and ad copy

Session Four – managing your campaigns

This course provides a comprehensive introduction in getting a biddable paid search campaign up and running on Google and Bing, and gives attendees the core knowledge in how to structure, monitor and optimise accounts and campaigns on these platforms.

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