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Choosing a new web platform is never an easy task. If you are in the process of determining what web technology your business should use, read on to discover why ASP.NET Core is the platform of choice driving new web builds at Fresh Egg.

Meet ASP.NET Core, your new web platform

As a business, Fresh Egg is principally a Microsoft house. All of our enterprise-level builds utilise a .NET codebase. That said, we have great developers who are also just as comfortable creating great web solutions with WordPress, but when it comes to creating a scalable, secure enterprise-level web solution, Microsoft's ASP.NET Core is our go-to option.

In terms of reach and use, the platform does not have the same brand recognition like WordPress, but ASP.NET Core has strong adoption and is one of the most widely supported web frameworks available. It is a safe, stable platform for businesses to use as a platform to build web applications to meet today's complex user needs.

You only have to look at the adoption of the technology across many leading UK organisations (both in the private and public sectors) to realise that choosing ASP.NET Core as the platform to drive your web solution aspirations will be a wise choice.

As well as widespread support, the platform is constantly evolving, adding new features and integrations, ensuring your investment won’t fall behind the curve any time soon.

With ASP.NET Core, you can build almost anything with ease, for web, mobile, desktop, gaming, and IoT. The framework is relevant for today's user needs as well as tomorrow's, and long into the distant future.

Headshot of Fresh Egg's Co-founder, Lee Colbran

"For CTOs, CMOs and C-Suite teams making crucial decisions on a platform that will help deliver growth in line with business goals and objectives, ASP.NET Core delivers on two fronts. This is a flexible and scalable development platform that allows the full-power of today's Internet to be bound together to deliver a great experience, and it's universally supported by a huge group of developers."

Lee Colbran, Co-founder

Why build with ASP.NET Core?

The platform is designed for building modern, cloud-based and connected applications to suit the demands of today's device-rich connected world.

It's also got a huge community behind it, allowing organisations the flexibility of working with an agency or the choice of building an in-house team to facilitate a complex web build project, or post-project maintenance and enhancements.

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Microsoft ASP.NET Core, provides a web framework solution that provides the flexibility to adapt to changing user needs

Businesses require stability, it is the bedrock of business confidence. The decision to invest in a particular technology has to be in tandem with future plans.

With online adoption continuing to grow daily, the need to have a first-class, user-friendly solution, capable of meeting the needs of users is only going to increase. As more and more businesses enhance their online presence to deal with customers’ shifting expectations and demands, having a flexible, future-proof web solution that offers a great experience to your customers has never been more important. 

As a platform, ASP.NET Core provides a strong foundation and has the ability to adapt as the need of users dictates and evolves.

Headshot of Fresh Egg's enior Developer

"With .NET, you can build almost anything with ease, for web, mobile, desktop, gaming, and IoT. It's got everything (and more) that a development team needs to deliver a first-class solution."

David Grace, Senior Developer

What is ASP.NET Core and what are the key benefits?

.NET Framework was launched as part of the .NET platform way back in 2002. Its web development framework, ASP.NET has progressed and is known as a solid web platform that supports the growth and online aspirations of businesses, and is a popular choice for developers. Developed by Microsoft, the framework allows organisations to power high-volume traffic websites, while keeping robust performance.

In 2016, Microsoft launched ASP.NET Core. If your business is still developing on the older ASP.NET framework (or using another platform altogether), it's possible you may be unfamiliar with the benefits that using ASP.NET Core provides to improve development efficiency. At Fresh Egg, we use the platform to create web solutions for a number of reasons, including:

Microsoft took the move to embrace the developer community. ASP.NET Core is open-source and the code framework is widely available. This allows the community to submit changes or enhancements to the framework.

In addition, it also allows anyone to see how a particular section works. For example, if you wanted to see how ASP.NET Core generates a URL to your website, or you want to implement your own solution, then the open-source availability allows developers and development teams to do this.

All enhancements and new features to the .NET platform are going to be launched through ASP.NET Core. Blazor is an example of a new feature that Microsoft is developing. Blazor is a web package that allows developers to run a single-page application (SPA). 

SPA’s are good for navigating through a website as it only reloads the parts of the page that need updating, rather than doing a full refresh, which provides a better experience for your users

The end of the road for .NET Framework

Microsoft launched .NET Framework 4.8 last year and stated that this would be the last major update to .NET Framework. Going forward, that means that only security, bug fixes, and reliability issues will be updated for the .NET Framework. ASP.NET Core is the future.

One of the major benefits of ASP.NET Core is its flexibility allowing it to be run on multiple platforms. So, if you want to run your application on Linux or Mac, you can do so, Microsoft have eradicated these restrictions.

This contrasts with ASP.NET applications which can only be run on Windows platforms.

JavaScript is an essential part of the modern website, often utilised to give users a more fluid, frictionless experience. .NET Core framework provides built-in templates for the two most popular JavaScript frameworks — Angular and React. This makes it easier for developers to build fast, feature-rich websites creating a great experience for your users.

Long gone are the days where you would have one application sharing your data. The Internet is now a complex inter-connected world that requires a high degree of flexibility.

Now, not only would you share data with a single web entity, but potentially a mobile application, a data lake. Businesses need to be in a position to share your data with third parties.

ASP.NET Core allows developers to do this through the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. This helps speed-up solution development. Visual Studio, already features a series of built-in templates allowing developers to get going in a matter of moments.

ASP.NET Core puts security first. With APIs prevalent in connecting todays Internet, the framework provides a far safer system giving businesses peace of mind. ASP.NET Core API access utilises OAuth protocol, this only grants access to data by issuing tokens that are valid for a certain amount of time, therefore making the technology far more secure as against API retrieval using a username and password. 

The framework has been designed for developers to create and deploy solutions faster.

With ASP.NET Core, Microsoft has integrated some of the popular packages used with ASP.NET to create efficiencies for development teams.

If you have .NET developers that are used to developing ASP.NET websites, then migrating to ASP.NET Core should be a breeze. One programming language that ASP.NET supports is C# and that continues to be the case with ASP.NET Core.

The only main difference is that .NET Core projects are console applications which you can build applications on top of it, like ASP.NET Core. That means that the configuration and start up of projects is a little different and will take a bit of time to get used to. But for a number of it’s packages, it works in a very similar way with ASP.NET Core.

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What does all of this mean to your business?

In the modern world, the website sits at the very heart of a business. It's an intersection between internal teams, and also between the business and its customers.

As a site of focus across teams, a fit-for-business website drives internal cohesion by reducing frustrations and friction between internal teams. Put simply, a good website helps people do their jobs easier and better, resulting in better morale and a better business. 

To customers, websites define what a business is. If it doesn't behave as other websites they use do or it seems outdated, it will colour their view of the business beyond a single website session. That's why you need a platform that can deliver against your audience's changing needs.

With ASP.Net Core, your site can continue to evolve with your business and your audience, which in turn means that your marketing team and wider business aren't constrained by the website. 

That's because, as well as having a great platform as a base for your web assets, with ASP.NET Core you have the additional security of knowing there is a strong pool of talented developers available to create and deliver against your development roadmap.

This means that choosing ASP.Net Core for your web platform futureproofs your business online so it can move in tandem with your audience's needs whatever you decide to do with developer resource.