Digital Edge

Turbocharge your reporting and data analysis using Digital Edge. Unify, simplify and enhance your data to monitor core KPIs, quickly spot opportunities, and answer key business questions. 


What is Digital Edge?

Digital Edge combines data from an ever-growing list of data sources to unlock new levels of data analysis for marketers looking to improve their digital performance.

Do you have data siloed in different platforms? Are you spending hours in Excel creating different reporting views? Using the power of Google Cloud, Digital Edge can bring together crucial performance data to help you get a comprehensive picture of how your website is performing.

Key benefits of Digital Edge

Process flow diagram for Digital Edge
  • Quickly spot performance trends and monitor your core KPIs by building bespoke dynamic dashboards to meet your business needs
  • Automated data collection via API integration so you’re always viewing the freshest available data
  • Unify data from multiple sources quickly and efficiently to create a central view of performance
  • Dynamically add custom segmentation and labelling to your data to gain a more granular view of which pages, categories, products and audiences are performing the best – and why
  • No data limitations. Have access to millions of rows of data without download or sampling issues, allowing you greater confidence that you're seeing the true picture
  • Integrate your own BI system. Already using Tableau, Power BI or another data visualisation platform? No problem, we can integrate with the tools you’re already using or offer an end-to-end solution

Use Digital Edge to:

Unify data

  • Unify data from multiple sources, such as Google Analytics and your CRM, to get a complete picture of performance
  • Combine data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console data for an integrated view
  • Transform data hidden within platforms only a couple of people within your organisation can access by moving it into dashboards to meet different stakeholder needs
  • Utilise the power of Google Cloud to remove limits on the amount of data that can be stored and analysed

Simplify reporting

  • Easily view your core business KPIs in one location and track your performance throughout the month
  • Spend less time creating reports and more time analysing your data
  • Move away from static reports with API integrations providing you with the freshest data
  • Demystify Google Search Console data and gain a more complete view of keyword performance

Enhance insight

  • Build the data views that you need and share them with as many people as you want
  • Powerful custom labelling enables you to see which sections of your website drive the most organic traffic
  • Identify when you first gained visibility for search queries to monitor the performance of content changes
  • Apply custom metrics to your dataset to gain new insight into performance
Do you want to get more value out of your data?

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