Fresh Egg Talks AngularJS: Part Three – What Else Do You Need To Know?

Written by Ashley Hitchcock - 7 May 2015

We are pleased to post the latest release in our AngularJS video series. Last time, we told you all about some of the best features of web development tool, AngularJS. This time, Fresh Egg’s head of innovation Dr David Sewell and I run through a few more of the application framework’s many exciting features to tell you how AngularJS can help you to:

  • Build a ‘library’ of directives for adding custom page elements
  • Work intuitively and cohesively with other developers on a web project

Watch the video below to discover exactly what these features mean for you as a user of AngularJS. 

Still got questions about AngularJS and what it can do for your website? Speak to someone in our design and development team today .

We have a further two short videos about AngularJS for you to look out for. Next time, I’ll be asking David about the impact AngularJS can have on the process of optimising websites and why SEO professionals are feeling more positive about javascript.

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