Fresh Egg Talks AngularJS: Part Two – Best Features

Following on from our recent ‘What is AngularJS?’ post, we are excited to reveal the second in a five-part video series dedicated to the web app development tool, AngularJS.

In this video, I chat with Dr David Sewell, head of innovation for Fresh Egg, about some of the best features of AngularJS, including:

  • Two-way data binding
  • Automatic integration with JQuery

Watch the video below to discover exactly what these features mean for users of AngularJS, and how they can help web developers save valuable time and energy.

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We have a further three short videos about AngularJS for you to look out for. Next time, we’ll be talking about other interesting features of AngularJS and how to make the most of them. Find out about the use of directives to add custom elements to a page and how AngularJS can enable front- and back-end web developers work in parallel with each other.

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