Join our IR35 webinar: We're speaking with our partners at Acumen Business Law

Join us and our legal partners Acumen Business Law online on March 31 for a webinar focused on understanding IR35.

About the webinar

Under the coming April 2020 changes, your freelancers, consultants or subcontractors may be deemed PAYE employees for tax purposes by HMRC. As it currently stands, it is the responsibility of the freelancer or consultant to determine their own status and pay tax accordingly, but as of April it will be your responsibility as a business.

If a contractor is inside IR35, you will be required to add them to your payroll.

This webinar, Untangling the IR35 Web, will shed light on the whole process, how to remain outside IR35, and why you should the forthcoming changes as opportunities rather than problems.

About the speakers

Acumen Business Law's Alvin Ittoo, commercial law solicitor and IR35 expert, and our very own Dan Grim, talent acquisition manager, will discuss how, in partnership with Acumen, Fresh Egg has been able to capitalise on the IR35 changes and use them to help their business.

At Fresh Egg, we can help mitigate the impact IR35 has on your business. We have also written a blog post that provides tips for staying outside IR35 for both contractors and companies after the changes take effect. Our guest post for on why IR35 doesn't have to be the death of contractors puts a positive spin on the new regulations, and explains how you can retain contractors on a per-project basis to reduce the financial and logistical burden of IR35 as much as possible. Our talk will cover all of this in greater depth and more.

The second half of the session will be delivered by James Mallison, director at Servo Private Wealth, who will discuss how to quantify hidden costs so that you are able to make sensible financial decisions around the future of your firm and its relationship with contractors.

They'll be a Q&A session within the webinar where you'll have the chance to put questions directly to the experts. We look forward to seeing you online. 

Find out how Fresh Egg can help you retain contractors outside of IR35 post-April 2020

For your diary

Event name: Acumen Business Academy – Untangling the IR35 Web
When: Tuesday, March 31 2020, 4pm-5pm
Where: Online
Tickets: Click here to reserve your place

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