Our Conversion Team are Winners at the Experimentation Elite Awards!

Members of our conversion team enjoyed their trip to the annual Experimentation Elite Awards in Birmingham. They attended the event after our entry in the Best Experimentation Campaign - Finance & Insurance category, which showcased the impact of our recent conversion optimisation work with UK insurer Ageas.

For conversion team members Tim and Stephen (who enjoyed a well-deserved night out), it was a successful evening. They were on hand as we won the award for our work with Ageas, which generated an additional £2.6m with a single a/b experiment.

Headshot of Tim Richards

It was great to be involved from the start of the project through to seeing the results and ultimately picking up this award. We always knew it was a strong contender, and it’s great to get peer recognition.

Tim Richards, Conversion Services Director

While Tim and Stephen were at the event to accept the award, a massive shoutout to all the Fresh Eggers who make up team Ageas, which includes (Tim and Stephen), Libby Toscano, Vicky Voss, Ben Morton, Guy Rubin, Nathan Kingstone, and Stephen Carpenter for their work on the successful CRO experiments over the past 12 months. Thank you all!

Tim and Stephen with the award

Tim and Stephen with the Experimentation Elite award

Experimentation Elite Awards

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Headshot of Adam Stafford

Brilliant work to all involved - it made my day when I found out last night. The award win is a great endorsement of the huge effort everyone contributed in helping Ageas optimise essential user journeys, which resulted in this significant result.

Adam Stafford, CEO 

Ageas car insurance

The winning project - £2.6m uplift for Ageas!

Through a single A/B experiment, we helped Ageas drive +£2.6m annual incremental revenue by improving brand awareness and the value proposition.

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