The Fresh Egg Testing Lab - building frictionless experiences

At Fresh Egg we foster a test and learn culture that feeds into everything we do. That starts right from the beginning with audience discovery, when we work with our clients to map out their customer experience journey, and plan strategies to optimise and enhance it.

When mining for data, we test new complex tracking algorithms, and fine-tune analytics configurations to learn what’s working onsite (and what’s not).

And intricate A/B testing on design, content and navigation on client websites allows us to learn what our audiences want, how they interact with brands to look for it, and crucially, how to deliver more of this with greater efficiency.

The Testing Lab

There’s one crucial thing that enables and drives forward this test and learn process within the business – our Testing Lab.

In today’s multi-platform digital age, there is no one be-all-and-end-all device to engage with content – your customers will use their phones, tablets, laptops, desktop PCs, wearables, TVs and more, often on the go.


Any work that we do has to work perfectly across all of these platforms, so the job of our Testing Lab is clear – to test multiple devices simultaneously and efficiently, bringing instant feedback for our content, design and development teams to work with.

We use the Lab to explore how sites respond to touch-based navigation; how pages render with varying screen resolution and brightness, how geo location and screen orientation works across different platforms.

We look at how the navigation translates through different operating systems, and run detailed user testing to ensure a smooth experience and path to conversion online.

There’s no better way to identify pre-launch issues and iron out bugs than first-hand experience – and you don’t want your customers to find these roadblocks before you do.

That’s why everything we work on – every fix, change, update, rewrite or brand new launch – gets run through the Testing Lab for a full examination.

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