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UX and CRO Specialist Stephen Courtney will explain how behavioural science makes giving addictive.

The Generosity Bug: How Behavioural Science Makes Giving Addictive

Behavioural science has allowed nonprofits to multiply their donations and increase the average amount given by up to 30%. However, over half of new donors never return to make regular contributions, meaning good causes miss out on the vast majority of their lifetime value.   

This talk shows how fundraisers can unlock lost revenue by making charity addictive. Using the behavioural toolkit developed by big tech and social media, nonprofits can make good habits irresistible and improve donations online. 

Stephen Courtney

Stephen Courtney is a CRO specialist with a penchant for stealing ideas. Borrowing insights from psychology, sociology and behavioural economics, he has helped a broad list of clients to optimise their websites in unexpected ways.

Having worked exclusively with retail and financial services brands, Stephen has spent the past five months exploring innovative approaches to nonprofit marketing. This research has highlighted the importance of social influence, framing and reinforcement for keeping donors engaged.

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