Content audit

A content audit is designed to identify what is and isn’t working for your audience, providing explicit recommendations on what content to improve, create and remove in order to grow your organic visibility.

Is your content useful to your audience?

Starting with your audience allows us to assess how well your current content meets their needs and how it impacts their journeys, including whether there are any technical issues with your content.

Practical and engaging content that addresses customer needs. Educational content should be easily accessible for customers and delivered in the optimal format for their needs.
Bottom-of-the-funnel content that helps people move towards their conversion decision, whether it’s to purchase, sign-up, or another action.
Content that re-engages and communicates with customers, providing continued support and driving loyalty and advocacy.

How do we conduct content audits?

  1. Integrating with your business
    We begin with an interactive workshop with your team to understand who your content is aimed at. This is an opportunity for us to run an empathy mapping session to really get an understanding of your priority audiences.

  2. Understanding how your audience searches
    We then conduct further search research into your priority audiences. We dive into how they search to use as the starting point in our content auditing process.

  3. Providing you with recommendations that drive traffic and conversions
    We will assess the value of current content based on your audience needs with the end result being an action plan on what content you should improve and remove in order to succeed in organic search and increase conversions

Headshot of Fresh Egg's content and social media manager

A content audit starts with your audience. It's essential to understand their needs and how they search before auditing content. Using these insights, we can tell you what content is working for your audience and what isn't. That helps us make informed recommendations about what content you should keep, remove, or improve.

Having a good understanding of your current content puts you in a great place to look at what content you need; a thorough content audit is a great base for future content strategy.

Callum Grantham, content and social media manager
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