Content Audit

A content audit is designed to identify what is and isn’t working for your audience and is the first step towards an audience-focused content strategy. 

Is your content useful to your audience?

Starting with your audience allows us to assess how well your current content meets their needs and how it impacts their journeys, including whether there are any technical issues with your content.

Content that educates

Practical and engaging content that addresses customer needs. Educational content should be easily accessible for customers and delivered in the optimal format for their needs.

Content that converts

Bottom-of-the-funnel content that helps people move towards their conversion decision, whether it’s to purchase, sign-up, or another action.

Content that delights

Content that re-engages and communicates with customers, providing continued support and driving loyalty and advocacy.

Content strategy

Your content strategy is your go-to guidebook for future content creation, based on the needs of your audience and how you can meet them.

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