User Testing

Getting to know your users is an essential step in creating a successful experience on any website. Bespoke user testing tells you who your users really are.

Three approaches to user testing

Moderated Lab

Participants are asked to perform tasks on your site while an expert moderator observes their behaviour. The moderator is on-hand to ensure that the user understands what's being asked of them, is at ease, and isn’t ‘led’ in any way. This type of testing also gives us the opportunity to interview the participant to find out more about their behaviour and motivations, providing a real insight into the needs of users beyond how they interact with the website.

Remote Unmoderated

In unmoderated remote testing, the participant follows instructions on a screen, so has no interaction with a moderator.  Participants are encouraged to ‘think out loud’ and provide a commentary of their actions as they try to complete each task. The main advantage of remote over moderated testing is that it generally makes it much quicker to recruit participants and turn tests around.

Remote Moderated

Participants are asked to run through tasks by a moderator while in the comfort of their own home. This type of testing takes place using screen sharing or video conferencing software to allow for a two way conversation. While this lacks some of the interpersonal element of testing in-person, this type of testing enables us to run moderated tests with users no matter where they are in the world, ideal for testing international websites.

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