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Get a backlog of powerful UX and conversion optimisations based on analytics data and behavioural insights. Uncover powerful UX and conversion rate optimisations based on analytics data and behavioural insights. A UX audit gives you a development roadmap for outstanding user experiences.

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A User Experience (UX) and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) audit shows you the best opportunities for optimising your app or website. We review your data, research key competitors, and analyse user journeys to uncover the flaws that are costing you conversions. 

We work with ambitious brands in your sector

Get a full test backlog

A UX and CRO audit typically produces 30-60 well-evidenced test ideas and direct optimisations.

Kick-start CRO

Our research helps you plan a high-velocity roadmap and saves you time by highlighting optimisations that have been proven to work in your industry.

Get more from paid ads

A UX audit can remove friction from your conversion funnel, so you get better ROI from paid search or social ads.

Clients are amazed by our insights

Fresh Egg walked us through a step-by-step discovery process that included user testing and insights from our website analytics. The workspace they built made everything transparent, so it was easy to exchange ideas and collaborate.... Within days, that workspace had been turned into a prioritised backlog of test concepts.

John Crossland, Head of Growth, Simply Health 


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What does a UX audit look like?

A UX and CRO audit gives you everything you need to optimise your website without regular A/B testing. We will map out your customer journeys, annotate them with research insights, then organise our recommendations into an actionable backlog.

UX Output

Mapping out your user journeys

We start by mapping out your customer journeys in a shared workspace. Creating a map of your key user journeys makes it easier to analyse the experience and collaborate on optimisation solutions. ​

We worked with Fresh Egg to refresh our user personas and to conduct a UX review of our websites. The team were fantastic to work with, incredibly knowledgeable and skilled at guiding us through the process. We are implementing many of the recommendations already and have a clear path forward for our websites experience.

Ant Upali, Head of Digital, National Literary Trust

Full funnel analysis

Our CRO research goes beyond removing friction from key pages. Instead, we combine a wide range of methods to understand your users’ true motivations. As a full-service agency, we draw from expertise in UX Design, SEO, PPC, and brand strategy to uncover deeper insights about your customers.

The Fresh Egg team did a fantastic job gaining insight from our members and made excellent practical recommendations from the research that we’ve been able to action...The way the results were presented, including extracts from the interviews themselves, brought things to life in a way that helped ensure we had full business support to make changes.

Tom Ford, Customer Marketing Director, Vitality

UX review

Once we have annotated your customer journey maps with research insights, we bring these observations together in a comprehensive heuristic analysis. ​Our Dimensions Framework analyses your user journeys from different perspectives to optimise every aspect of user experience

Unlock your website’s potential with us

A UX audit that makes an impact

Our approach to research combines analytics, CRO tools, in-house user testing, and industry-specific insights from our A/B test archive. Rather than best-practice guides, you get tailored recommendations based on real evidence.

Insights from the test archive

We have run hundreds of A/B tests on websites in your industry. Leveraging our repository of test results saves you from wasting time on dead-ends or no-brainers.

User-testing included

We have analysts, CRO strategists, and user testing specialists in house. That means you get a full programme of user research in one UX audit.

Dimensions framework

Our unique “Dimensions” framework gives your team a new way to analyse and benchmark user experiences - even after our research project ends.

UX audit FAQs

  1. The cost of a UX audit depends on which forms of research are required and how many user journeys are included within it. A large audit incorporating moderated user testing would cost more than a smaller one without user testing.    If you would like to talk about the cost of a project you have in mind, get in touch.  CRO stands for “Conversion Rate Optimisation”, which is a process of research and experimentation that aims to unlock your website’s full potential.
  2. A UX audit typically takes 2-4 weeks. However, if we can schedule it in advance, we can deliver your outputs faster.  
  3. A UX audit is ideal for kick-starting a new CRO programme as the optimisations we identify can easily be turned into A/B test hypotheses. If you need to build a backlog of test concepts, get in touch to discuss your project.
  4. As a full-service digital agency, we have all the design and development resources needed to implement the optimisations we recommend. Or, if your website is managed or designed by a partner agency, we would be happy to provide a third party with the necessary briefing.