Digital Marketing Maturity

More than just a maturity score

Giving you a measurement of your digital marketing maturity and the direction on how to improve it

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A maturity score with actions

We take the subjectivity out of scoring your digital marketing maturity, by using a scoring system that’s designed to help you answer honestly.

You’ll get an overall score for your digital marketing maturity and scores for each of the seven key marketing areas.

Importantly, our assessment provides you with a prioritised list of opportunities. This means you can straight away decide which ones you can action immediately and incorporate into your current plan. You will know exactly what needs to be done to improve your lower scoring areas, to really drive your maturity forwards.

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Our DMMA is designed to support you

Help plan resources and budgets

The opportunities list lets you understand how to improve your digital maturity and consider the required resources and budgets to progress. Your strategic planning will become better informed.

Engage stakeholders

Our scoring workshop for the DMMA happens with a group of your internal stakeholders. You can ensure you invite the right people to the workshop, which will help them to feel they have had a chance to input and be part of the process.

Unify teams

Creating a collaboratively scored assessment helps unite digital teams so they know precisely where to improve to drive performance collectively.

In our experience...

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Measuring the maturity of digital marketing is a useful way of quickly understanding your strengths and weaknesses, however typically you just get a score and no direction on what to do next. We’ve created something that not only scores you on the core areas related to digital marketing, but importantly gives you a specific ‘to do’ list of what to action in order to improve your maturity.

David Somerville, Strategy Director

How we deliver the DMMA

Our digital strategy process

Our maturity framework

We assess maturity across eight key digital marketing dimensions


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