Experiment and test outcomes to meet user and business needs. Validate ideas before committing to a final design.

Turn your insights into ideas by testing prototypes of your product or website on users. The idea is to validate the usability of a solution, ensuring it meets their needs and is intuitive to use.

Find out how experience design can help your business

The tools for the job

The prototyping phase of experience design can consist of the following set of tried and tested modules:

Ideas generation and sketching workshops

A blended team of key stakeholders and technicians (visual designers, UX specialists, conversion strategists, and front and back end developers) create early design solutions, in collaboration with the product owner to ensure priority business objectives are addressed.

Wireframe creation

As part of the development of early design concepts, we create wireframes in order to refine our solution. These wireframes include all priority page components, interactions and in-depth functionality.

Building a prototype and testing it with users

User testing helps to validate our design decisions and the usability of our solution. We turn our wireframes into clickable prototypes using a variety of tools, in order to test how well it meets users' needs.