Essential personalisations

Essential personalisations makes personalisation easy - a set of ready-to-go tools that give you what you need to run personalisation on your website to create a more personal, focused experience for your customers.

What are essential personalisations?

Not to be confused with ‘just doing the basics’, essential personalisations are instead a set of compelling personalisation fundamentals that deserve to be part of any marketing plan.  When put into action, essential personalisations are the solution for those struggling to get their personalisation efforts off the ground.

Examples of what we classify as essential personalisations:

  • Product recommendations
  • Shopping cart abandonment emails
  • Newsletter sign-up modals triggered after a certain time/series of actions
  • Exit intent offers
  • Recently viewed items
  • Scarcity / urgency messaging
  • User selection remembering (e.g. list vs. grid view, business vs. personal)

Essential Personalisations are not about reinventing the wheel but leveraging what you might already do with a specific purpose in mind - offering a consistent and personalised experience for your customers across each channel, touchpoint and throughout their journey.