Bypassing overcomplicated personalisation strategies

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Consumers increasingly state that personalised experience affects their loyalty, so why are adoption rates of personalisation advancing so slowly?

To answer this, and gain a better understanding of the blockers to personalisation, we conducted our own, bespoke, qualitative research - speaking directly to clients, agencies and tech providers to their collective insights and point of view. 

Our white paper details the conclusions of this research and provides a subsequent framework for planning, implementing and measuring a number of essential personalisation initiatives. Not to be confused with ‘just doing the basics’, essential personalisations are a set of compelling personalisation fundamentals that deserve to be part of any marketing plan and are incredibly sophisticated in their own right.   

Essential personalisations are not about reinventing the wheel but leveraging what you might already do with a specific purpose in mind - offering a consistent and personalised experience for your customers across each channel, touchpoint and throughout the CX journey. 

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