Essential personalisations

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Written by Fresh Egg strategy director Duncan Heath, our white paper provides digital marketers with a better understanding of the blockers to personalisation.

To help you understand the blockers of personalisation, we conducted our own, bespoke, qualitative research - speaking directly to clients, agencies and tech providers to their collective insights and point of view. Our white paper provides:

  • The conclusions of the research and a framework for planning, implementing and measuring a number of essential personalisation initiatives
  • How not to be confused with ‘just doing the basics’, essential personalisations are a set of compelling personalisation fundamentals that deserve to be part of any marketing plan
  • How essential personalisations are incredibly sophisticated in their own right and will help with conversion
  • That essential personalisations are not about reinventing the wheel, but leveraging what you might already do with a specific purpose in mind
  • Learn how offering a consistent and personalised experience for your customers across each channel, touchpoint and throughout the CX journey improves performance

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