Website and domain migrations

When you migrate your website, search engines reassess everything they know about it - so a small error can have substantial consequences.


Migration mastered by our experience

Site migration is a bespoke and complex piece of work, and SEO should be embedded into the process from the very start.

Whether you’re redesigning your website, changing your domain, moving to HTTPS or a new server, successful migration is critical for continued visibility in search results.

A poorly executed migration can make search engines rethink the whole deal - resetting your website’s rankings and wiping years of SEO history overnight (yes, we have seen this happen). Even a small change can have a big impact, so you need SEO input throughout to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

That’s our cue. We’ll guide you through a successful migration, minimising the organic search risks and making sure everything’s in place for your audience to make their user journey with you. With the right guidance, your migration should be a positive experience for you and your customers.

How we help with your migration

Involving SEO experts early helps to ensure that all aspects of your website’s design and construction cater to both search engines and users.

Even seemingly simple migrations create a large number of tasks that need to be completed to ensure everything goes as you hoped.

When executing an SEO-friendly website migration, you need to think about:

  • Site structure. Design your website’s architecture and navigation to make it easy for search engine crawlers and users.

  • Technology specifications such as JavaScript and CMS considerations.

  • Content marketing strategy. Move your existing content and identify any gaps that need to be filled.

  • User acceptance testing (UAT). Make sure there’s enough time to build in SEO requirements and deal with any build issues.

  • Benchmarking, objectives and KPIs. Ensure everything stays on track by setting benchmarks and KPIs for traffic and conversions.

  • Post-launch planning. Keep a close eye on your analytics and fix any teething issues as they arise.

Other SEO challenges

Engaging users through content

Our approach to content marketing provides a unique insight into what your customers want, how they look for it, and how you can meet their needs.

Content marketing services

Measuring SEO

Digital marketing is built on a ‘test and learn’ methodology, which means our suite of proprietary tools need to be able to measure activity accurately using as many metrics as possible.

SEO reporting tools

In-house SEO skills

Master onsite optimisation, understand Google’s algorithms and learn how to implement and measure SEO campaigns with technical SEO experts, Fresh Egg.

SEO training courses

Technical SEO issues

Ensuring your website can be crawled and indexed efficiently is critical to SEO performance. We work with you and your developers to put these foundations in place.

Technical SEO services