Web Analytics and Insight Training

Implement web tracking and interpret important data with our Google Analytics training courses – expert training from Google certified partners.

Data Insight with Google Analytics - Standard Course

This introductory one-day course covers four insightful sessions and will provide attendees with a thorough tour of Google Analytics. At the end of the course, you will be familiar with the interface and its different reporting options, as well as being confident in tagging and tracking campaigns, customising the dashboard and producing your own bespoke analysis reports.

Also covered is the methodology in creating a measurement framework to track your site’s progress, and structuring accounts for multiple sites.

Session One – Getting to know Google Analytics

Session Two – Other reporting dashboards

Session Three – Tagging and customisation

Session Four – Beyond the basics

This course allows a user with no prior experience with Google Analytics to navigate confidently around the dashboard, getting the data they need and matching this to a measurement plan to provide strategic goals. Attendees will also be able to track campaigns and create their own custom reports and dashboards to present data and insight. With course places limited to only six people, we ensure there is an excellent trainer to attendee ratio.

Data Insight with Google Analytics – Advanced Course

This one-day, four session course is ideal for digital professionals who are already familiar with Google Analytics, but are seeking to gain a higher level of insight and analysis from their data. As well as getting a quick refresher on the features and functionality of the Google Analytics platform, attendees will learn about measurement strategy, data efficiency, effective tagging and creating custom dashboards to provide better insight into site activity.

Session One – Web analytics and GA refresher

Session Two – Key reports and functionality

Session Three - Key reports and functionality part 2

Session Four - Key reports and functionality part 3 and round-up

This comprehensive course covers a multitude of advanced reporting features in Google Analytics, as well as demonstrating how data, event tracking and reporting can be fully customised to support a measurement plan. With course places limited to only six people, we ensure there is an excellent trainer to attendee ratio.

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