Upcoming CRO training courses

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) - Standard Course

Over four 1h 10 min sessions, this course will give you a fundamental grounding in CRO and how it affects the return on investment for your business. You will learn how to analyse a website to identify the priority sections and audiences, and what opportunities and conversion blockers are in play. This will form the basis of a prioritised split testing plan, which you will be shown how to run properly to ensure accurate and insightful data is received, in order to monitor the impact of planned changes. Read more…

Finally, you will learn how to analyse, report and share findings from the tests to inform stakeholders and also to refine further testing strategies.

Who this course is for: digital marketing and e-commerce managers and executives; those with no prior experience of CRO campaigns or having tried unsuccessful campaigns in the past.

All required equipment will be provided at the venue.

Session One – introduction to CRO and Quantitative Analysis
• Explanation of the CRO process
• Calculating ROI and how changes in CRO affects the bottom line
• Quantitative analysis and why it’s important
• Analysing GA traffic reports
• Calculating “leakage” on a website

Session Two – qualitative analysis
• Qualitative analysis and why it’s important
• Different methods of qualitative analysis
• Removing blockers and increasing persuasion
• Creating test hypotheses

Break for lunch (provided)

Session Three – creating and running a test roadmap
• The value of a test roadmap and how to prioritise tests
• Different split test methods and their strengths and weaknesses
• How to set up and run split tests that give accurate results

Session Four – interpreting results to boost business
• How to determine when tests are finished
• Post-experiment segmentation
• Estimating impact
• Reporting to stakeholders and other teams
• Using testing data to inform other channel activity

By the end of the course, you will be confident in creating a testing plan, putting it into action and analysing relevant data to make insightful changes that improve results on your website.

Fresh Egg are 3-star partners with CRO service providers Optimizely, and offer 30-day online support following the training course.

Date/Time: 25/04/2018 at 09:00
Location: London, UK
Ticket price: £329.17

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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) - Advanced Course

This advanced level CRO course spans four, 1h 10 min sessions and will take your analysis of conversion and business ROI to the next level. In addition to refining many of the core topics in our standard course, you will learn how to deep-dive into analytics reports in greater detail, using advanced segmentation to identify issues, opportunities and new ideas for testing. Running multiple split tests will be covered, including how to ensure these are SEO-friendly, and you will learn how to run immersive user testing and personalisation to drive better results for your site. Read more…

Who this course is for: attendees who have previously taken the standard CRO course; experienced digital and e-commerce managers and executives; data analysts.

All required equipment will be provided at the venue.

Session One – advanced quantitative analysis
• Gaining insight from traffic reports in Google Analytics
• Calculating “leakages” from lost conversions
• Using advanced segmentation to identify issues for specific audiences

Session Two – deep-dive qualitative analysis
• Immersive research
• Remote user testing
• Customer support teams and stakeholder interviews
• Creating detailed test roadmaps

Break for lunch (provided)

Session Three – advanced split testing techniques
• Removing blockers and adding persuasion
• Running multiple split tests at the same time
• SEO-friendly CRO
• Integrating test data with analytics tools

Session Four – personalisation
• Demystifying personalisation
• How to generate personalisation ideas
• Using first, second and third party data for personalisation
• High value personalisation techniques to get started with

At the end of the course you will be ready to supercharge your CRO campaigns using advanced data insights into your customers, and the ability to conduct multiple tests to influence their conversion on your website.

Fresh Egg are 3-star partners with CRO providers Optimizely, and offer 30 days online support after the training course.

Date/Time: 06/06/2018 at 09:00
Location: London, UK
Ticket price: £329.17

6 Tickets remaining

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Bespoke CRO training

If you’d like to talk to us about a bespoke training course package for your department or employees, send us your requirements and we’ll be happy to help.


About the venue

Fresh Egg’s London digital marketing training courses are held at a purpose-built conference centre at One, Drummond Gate. Situated in Pimlico, Victoria, it is within easy reach of the London Underground and also a short walk from mainline and Underground services at Victoria Station. The conference centre offers all the business amenities course attendees require, as well as providing a clean, modern and relaxed place to dine for lunch and network with other candidates.