Measurement Planning & Strategy

To many people, measurement is what you do after you’ve done everything else - but starting work without a measurement strategy is like orienteering without a map; pure guesswork.

Keeping you on the right path

Help is at hand. We’ll help you find the way with an in-depth process leading to the creation of a bespoke measurement plan and strategy that's right for your business.

The process of developing a measurement strategy is to translate your business objectives into metrics and dimensions you can measure. It provides a framework for customised configuration of your analytics and serves as an essential reference point in your digital marketing strategy, and often for your business as a whole.  So, it's pretty important to get right. 

Our measurement strategy process includes:


Stakeholder interviews are used to gain a deep and rich understanding of your business objectives and the role your website plays in meeting them - for marketing and beyond. 


A collaborative measurement strategy workshop that uses the results of the stakeholder interviews as the starting point to define what you need to actually measure.  


Mapping and gap analysis of all the digital KPIs and data points that are needed to be in place, as defined and agreed from our workshop. 

Our Analytics and Reporting services

Analytics Audit

Our analytics audit uncovers and fixes any issues to ensure your setup is right and everything is running smoothly.

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Insight & Reporting

We do all the hard work for you - investigating and analysing data, often from more than one source.

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Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Training

Because knowing is half the battle, we provide training courses to help you learn more about the wonderful world of data analysis.

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Proprietary Measurement Tools

Our ‘test and learn’ methodology means our suite of proprietary tools needs to be able to measure activity accurately using as many metrics as possible.

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