Customer Experience Discovery

Our award-winning approach to Customer Experience Discovery delves into the experiences of your customers and how to address the ‘moments of truth’ to improve them. 


How does the Customer Experience Discovery process work?

Offering great customer experience is a huge challenge, especially as consumer expectations are changing so rapidly. Our aim is to make CX part of your business’s DNA; helping you improve as behaviours change and technology advances.

Our CX Discovery process captures your expectations and then challenges them against the real-life experiences of your customers. It uncovers the stages of your customers’ journeys where they are faced with moments of despair or delight and identifies the solutions to help you transform their experience.

There is no defined solution up front; each CX project is unique, so the outcome will depend on your needs and those of your customers. However, all projects will include specific elements as part of three distinct phases - Customer Experience Validation, Journey Mapping and Design.


Our CX Discovery process starts with a kick-off workshop with your key stakeholders where we set the vision and framework for the project. We use empathy maps to define your audiences’ needs, influences and then work with you to validate the findings against the experiences of real customers, ensuring a true customer focus from the off.

Journey Mapping

Completed journey maps identify the ‘Moments of Truth’ – points of specific interest that can be points of pain or gain for your customers. We investigate these Moments of Truth, using data to get a fuller understanding of the need or issues. Once we’ve uncovered and prioritised the Moments of Truth, we can set about putting together recommendations to improve.


We generate projects, actions and activities that respond to your customers Moments of Truth, looking to improve their experience.  This is where our digital marketing services come in. A CX driven mindset and our discovery process are infused throughout our services, so our teams can support any project.