Access exceptional talent at half the cost with tactical part-time hires

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In our experience, an underutilised strategy in digital teams is the engagement of part-time contractors. Accessing top-tier talent at half the cost gives marketing teams hidden benefits, including flexibility, specialised skills, and helpful, fresh perspectives.

The strategic advantage of hiring expert contractors

Expert contractors offer businesses a unique opportunity to scale their workforce up or down as needed without the commitment (or time required) and cost of finding a full-time hire. The tactic can benefit project-based work, seasonal peaks (think retail during the festive season), or exploring and testing new ideas.

Moreover, the financial implications of choosing what hours you want someone to work without the long-term commitment are significant. Businesses can save on costs associated with full-time employees, such as benefits, pensions, office space, and equipment, while still accessing high-quality talent.

This cost-effective approach can be especially advantageous for small businesses or startups that have limited resources but still want to compete with larger and more established competitors.

With that in mind, let's delve into the insights from one of our exceptional expert contractors at Fresh Egg, who has leveraged her expertise and flexible working schedule to deliver outstanding results and add significant value to her projects while maintaining a busy life as a mum of two.

Start by telling us a bit about yourself and your background

I have a long history in the travel industry, working on everything from content design, brand management, recruitment, and training to GDPR and operations. After having two children, I was fortunate enough to take time out of work to spend with them.

After two years off, the thought of getting back into work was a little daunting, but it was time. I discussed my options for contracting with Fresh Egg, and I was away with my first contract within weeks.

Headshot of Rachel Nonoo

It's exciting working on different projects with different teams and companies. I also really enjoy learning the various procedures in place and helping to streamline where possible.

Rachel Nonoo, Contractor 

How long have you worked with us as an expert contractor, and what kind of projects have you worked on?

I've been working with Fresh Egg for nearly two years now. Projects have spanned from marketing whitepapers to health insurance and, my personal favourite, pet insurance. I've redesigned entire user journeys and created new ones, written content for different audiences, and designed campaigns.

It's exciting working on different projects with different teams and companies. I also really enjoy learning the various procedures in place and helping to streamline where possible.

What's your schedule like? And how does having a part-time option benefit your lifestyle?

My schedule can vary around the children. Home and work can become a balancing act. Although I can manage my time to work most necessary hours, ferrying kids around to school and clubs can mean I have to take breaks at different times or work later in the evening.

Part-time is a wonderful option. It allows me to spend valuable time with the little ones. During school holidays, working part-time reduces my childcare costs and allows us to have more family time together.

Project work is also brilliant as I can work the hours I want, so long as the job gets done within the specified time frame.

Headshot of Emma Couling

Sometimes, when budgets are tight, it’s a challenge to access full-time specialist resource. However, there’s a large number of freelance/contract workers who have, or prefer, part-time hours. Part-time contractors bring flexibility and expertise to your team, allowing you to tap into specialised skills and scale your workforce as needed while managing costs efficiently. Rachel’s worked across multiple clients with Fresh Egg, and the feedback we have had on every occasion has been fantastic!

Emma Couling, Head of Recruitment 

How have you been able to add value?

Contractors are fantastic for bringing in external ideas and values. We take our expertise and experience and combine them with the client's requirements, focusing solely on the work asked of us. Often, this leads to innovative new ideas and fresh thinking.

My feedback over the last two years has been great. One company requested me to 'work on every project I [they] ever do' by the senior management, and my work has led to an award nomination for one of my summer campaigns.

In my experience, businesses call upon my skillset during particularly busy or chaotic times. The presence of a focused 'outsider' can be hugely beneficial to restore calm and help with moving projects forward with fewer distractions.

What's next for you, and how can we help?

I want to continue contracting through Fresh Egg. I've felt supported throughout the process and always had work when needed. I've also been able to take breaks between contracts for school holidays. It's been the ideal work/life balance.

And the old classic, what's your favourite way to eat an egg?

Homemade scotch eggs with the yolk still runny (which I get right maybe 25% of the time).

It's a win-win for businesses and contractors

The insights shared by Rachel demonstrate the tangible benefits that part-time contractors can bring to an organisation. Her ability to balance work with personal life while delivering innovative solutions and adding value across multiple projects exemplifies the untapped potential we know part-time contractors offer.

We see the benefits of this way of working first-hand. Businesses yet to explore this hiring strategy are missing a wealth of advantages. The agility, diverse skill sets, and cost-effectiveness of part-time contractors make them an asset worth considering for any business looking to stay competitive and agile in today's dynamic market.

If you have gaps in your team and want to progress your projects without recruiting a full-time hire, talk to us about how our experts can help.