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Fresh Egg Experts is a digital marketing contractor recruitment service with a difference. It’s not done by a recruitment agency. It’s done by a top digital marketing agency. Makes sense, right?

Hire top talent

Blending our expertise with yours

There are record skills shortages in digital marketing. It’s tougher than ever to find a permanent team member. Even if you do, they might disappoint. And meanwhile, your vital digital project is at risk of delay. It’s time to get creative with your hiring process. Turn to Fresh Egg to plug your skills gap. We know the industry, we understand digital projects, we have access to our own talent pool.

Find me an expert

Shape a great team

Our experts have all been qualified and approved by our in-house digital specialists.

We know talent when we see it.

Gain critical momentum

Our experts will fill those gaps in your digital project from day one of landing.

Hit those project milestones with no delay.

Headshot of Rachel Southcott, PPC Specialist and Fresh Egg Expert

The great thing about being a Fresh Egg Expert is that Fresh Egg works with you, and you can lean on the team for support. They understand exactly the role you are fulfilling and support their client too. They don’t simply pass over full responsibility to the contractor. It’s a partnership to deliver the services required.

Rachel Southcott, PPC Specialist and Fresh Egg Expert 

Gain an edge

Our rigorous talent selection process gives you the satisfaction of knowing you have the right digital contractor for the right job.

Scale your team

Our talent pool works flexible contracts from a few days to a few months. Adjust team dynamics at a moment’s notice.

Avoid IR35 risks

Our experts ensure you stay on the right side of new tax laws. Read our guide on how to maintain a contracted team outside of IR35 regulations

Headshot of Emma Couling

We deliver award-winning work. And we bring that success to the table when recruiting on behalf of our clients. Fresh Egg Experts is our short-term contractor service. But we also recruit permanent team members and support clients with in-housing expertise

Emma Couling, Head of Recruitment Services

Agria Pet Insurance

Our contracted PPC expert aided roadmap momentum while we placed the perfect candidate

Read how we helped the Agria team maintain vital roadmap momentum, including:

  • Minimised impact on the busy digital team
  • No lull in PPC activity during the recruitment process
  • Marketing team hitting objectives while recruiting the perfect hire

Access our digital talent pool

Fresh Egg Experts are drawn from industry networks and Slack communities not available to recruiters. Our talent pool are specialists in:

SEO, UX Design, Paid Search, Frontend Development, Data and Analytics, Project Management and Content Marketing

Working with us is easy

  • We screen the candidates, and you talk to them
  • We place contractors within 48 hours
  • You can trust our talent-matching skills
  • We work with the best talent
  • Unlike recruiters, we understand digital project needs

Our rigorous screening process

Fresh Egg Experts Process

Let us do the hard work

Work with us and end lost time sorting countless CVs, interviewing loads of candidates and finally appointing. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Our recruiters will work with you to scope the contractor role based on your technical requirements, skills needs and team dynamics.
  2. You can have a hand-picked digital expert slotted into your team within a matter of hours. Fill specialist roles on a flexible basis.
  3. Working with a Fresh Egg Expert is easy; we match the right talent to the project's needs.
  4. We get contractors up and running quickly. You can rely on us to sort out all indemnity insurance, IR35 paperwork and NDAs.
  5. Let us handle all the financial aspects of contractor time-sheeting, invoicing and payments.


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