5 Reasons Why Inbound is Key to Your Marketing Strategy Success

Consumers are becoming numb to advertising, and traditional interruptive marketing methods are becoming less effective. Buying behaviour is evolving, making it essential to adapt the way that we reach our customers. The customer journey is now a dialogue rather a one way street, with 78% of internet users conducting product research before they make a purchase (source: HubSpot Marketing).

To succeed in this changing search landscape you need inbound methodology at the heart of your digital marketing strategy, with a customer-centric approach to content that meets the search needs of your audience.

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Here are five reasons why inbound is crucial for an effective marketing strategy – and a more successful business.

1)      Tap into existing demand by meeting the needs of those already searching

Creating content that is tailored to engage the buyer at each stage of the sales process, and making this available in the places your audience is searching, leverages existing demand. Making use of a pull, not push, approach means you can draw in those already interested in your product.

2)      Build your brand with a strong, credible online presence through thought leadership

Not only can high-quality content give you quick wins in terms of qualified traffic to your site, but over time it will establish you as a thought-leader in your industry. Using blogs, white-papers, case studies, testimonials and buying guides allow you to create an enduring online presence and a strong brand that people trust.

3)      Measure and increase efficiency

A handy thing about inbound marketing is that you can view and analyse results as they happen. With proper analytics in place you can see exactly which pieces of content, on which sites, are performing well and bringing you traffic. You can become ever-more efficient by investing more time in what is working for you and cutting what isn’t.

4)      Increase conversions

Ensuring you create the right content to engage with your ideal customer will not only increase the traffic to your site but will make that traffic more relevant. When a large volume of engaged consumers reach your site, you will see your conversion rate rocket.

5)      Achieve more, spend less

Inbound marketing will give you more leads and more revenue at a smaller cost. The cost per lead for companies who use predominantly inbound marketing techniques is 61% lower than those with a mainly outbound strategy (source: HubSpot Marketing). When more demands are being made of your business and your resource is ever decreasing, you can achieve more with less if you make inbound the backbone of your marketing strategy.

These are just five of the many reasons inbound marketing is an ideal approach to engage with your customers and align your business with the way contemporary consumers behave online.  Inbound methodology ensures the right people find your business through their own product research, playing on the innate curiosity of information seekers and empowering them to make an informed decision to become your customers. In order to make the most of existing demand to drive business growth and to reap the benefits of using thought leadership to build your brand, it is critical for inbound to form the core of your marketing strategy. Inbound marketing is an efficient, measurable methodology you can leverage to increase conversions and achieve more whilst spending less, exceeding your commercial goals.

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