Welcome Guy, our Fab New Senior Front-End Developer

Written by Lee Colbran - 13 Mar 2024

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We caught up with Guy Rubin, who joined our development team as a Senior Front-end Developer. We asked Guy about his career, what he loves about dev and his favourite way to eat an egg.

Hi Guy, firstly, describe your career path and how you got into web development.

It all started in my younger days after I came across a JavaScript-driven website at school; I wanted to know how on earth it was done. I tried to replicate some of what I saw, leading me to learn JavaScript and other programming languages, from Python to building applications in VB.

I wanted to try everything, but eventually, I focused on web apps. My career path started with a focus on backend development at an agency working on a bespoke CRM system. 

Guy Rubin

After gaining valuable experience in PHP, I sought new challenges and transitioned to a full-stack position at another agency. Having worked with many different languages in my full-stack role, I became increasingly drawn to the front-end aspect of projects, and eventually, I switched over to the front end.

Guy Rubin, Senior Front-end Developer

In your Front-end dev role, what gives you the greatest job satisfaction?

The greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the websites I've worked on in the wild being used and appreciated by people.

What is your favourite part of your job?

My favourite part of my job is taking a website from a blank page to the finished product. There is great satisfaction in seeing a project evolve from just concepts and wireframes to a fully functional and visually appealing website.

How do you keep up to date with industry innovations?

I follow developers and engineers at tech companies like Facebook, Twitch, and Vercel to stay updated with industry innovations through social channels like Twitter. By watching their updates, blog posts, and discussions, I can learn about the latest tools, technologies, and best practices in web development.

You can only pick one dev tool to use, which one do you choose and why?

If I could only pick one dev tool, I would choose Visual Studio Code (VS Code). Its marketplace of extensions and built-in Git integration means I have everything I need in one place.


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If you could change one thing about web dev, what would it be?

It has improved dramatically since the days of Internet Explorer, but I'd still like better browser compatibility and standardisation. Ensuring consistent behaviour across browsers and devices can still be challenging despite web standards and cross-browser testing tools.

In your opinion, what qualities does someone need to have in a Front-end developer role?

Being adaptable, good at problem-solving and finding creative solutions are helpful qualities to have to face the different challenges you will come across.

There are so many different technologies to build web applications, which is your favourite and why?

Node! I use it in almost all projects; its ecosystem of packages and modules available through NPM (package manager) helps accelerate the development process.

Can you remember your first web project? If so, what did you create, and was it a success?

One of the first web projects that came to mind was working on an online proposal system. We developed a platform where users could create, customise, and send professional proposals to clients directly from their web browsers. The system allowed users to choose from various templates, add their branding, and customise content to suit their needs.

Today, the platform is widely used by businesses of all sizes, helping them streamline their proposal creation process, improve client engagement, and win more deals.

What would you say to anyone thinking of a career in web dev?

If you are considering a career in web development, I would say go for it! It is an exciting field with endless opportunities for creativity and problem-solving. Be prepared for continuous learning as technology evolves rapidly, but most importantly, enjoy the journey of building the web!

Are you using AI in your job role?

Yes, AI is integrated into my workflow through tools like Copilot, enhancing productivity and aiding in code development.

Do you have a dev challenge we can help you with?

And how do you think AI will change web development in the future?

AI will change web development in many ways; for example, it could aid in building more robust and reliable web applications. It helps to identify bugs, optimise performance, and automate testing processes.

Choose what technologies you would use to complete the perfect web dev project, and why?

I would have to use my favourite combo of Next and Tailwind! They are great for building modern, performant web applications with great user and developer experiences.

What do your family and friends think you do for a job?

It is either 'Makes websites' or 'something to do with computers'.

What's your go-to hobby outside of work?

Outside work, I enjoy spending time with the family, playing sports, and listening to a good audiobook.

What is your favourite way to eat an egg? (If there is one)

Easy. Scrambled!

Scrambled egg on speckled plate

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