Content Strategy

Your content strategy is your go-to guidebook for future content creation, based on the needs of your audience and how you can meet them. 

Customer strategy that's driven by customer experience

Audience research that's driven by customer experience (CX) makes it easy for us to build an audience-led content strategy that we know will work for your business.

Your strategy will outline your customers’ needs, their journeys and the content needed to meet them, and include:

  • What content you need to create and where you should publish it
  • A content calendar that sets out when content should be created and who’s creating it
  • How and where your content should be promoted
  • A content measurement plan so you know how your content performs against your KPIs.

Content to grow awareness

First impressions count, so we make yours a good one, creating content that engages and inspires customers in the early stages of their journey. Introduce yourself to new customers with captivating and tailored content to show how you can solve problems, answer questions, entertain and inspire.

Content to build authority

Friends with benefits is a good thing to have in content marketing. We’ll draw up a targeted outreach strategy and build relationships with other publishers to place content on established, authority websites to put your brand in front of new customers.

Content to change perception

Without trust no relationship will last, not least the one between you and your customers. We’ll create relevant, targeted content that tells a different story to change how people feel about you. Finding new customers whilst re-engaging historical ones all at the same time.

Content audit

A content audit is designed to identify what is and isn’t working for your audience and is the first step towards an audience-focused content strategy.

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