Content strategy

A content strategy touches on every piece of content your brand produces. This ranges from product descriptions and evergreen content to video and social media messaging. Having an effective content strategy not only means organic search success but delivering against your business objectives.

Audience-driven content strategy

We tap into the knowledge within your team in our initial workshop to gain insight into who your audiences are. We expand this using search data to build an audience-led content strategy that identifies your customer's needs and what content you need to provide to satisfy them.

Your strategy will include:

  • What the priority strategic areas of content should be and why you need to invest the time in creating content for these areas
  • What content you need to create and where you should publish it in order to grow organic visibility and conversions
  • How and where your content should be promoted
  • A content measurement plan so you know how your content performs against your KPIs

The outcome is simple, a complete understanding of where your content focus should be moving forward.

Brands that trust us with content strategy

We have worked with Fresh Egg for a number of years now to maximise our search presence. Their strategic approach to content marketing has not only helped to drive traffic to our website but also promote brand awareness and generate new business. Their knowledgeable team are not only proactive and responsive but also at the forefront of thought leadership in the search marketing space, making them an invaluable partner

Donna Kelly, digital marketing manager at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

Our aim is to help you to craft content that:

Grows awareness and organic visibility

Content should be tailored to show your audience how you can meet their needs, from their first interaction to their last, and will span across each of Google's micro-moments. The content we recommend your business creates will be based on search data and will have a significant impact on your organic performance once implemented. Creating content for search means you are creating content that provides good user experience: the two go hand-in-hand.

Converts your users

There’s no point creating more content if it doesn’t progress your audience to the next point in their journey. Not only will we show you what content you need to create, but we will also provide you with essential recommendations that will tie your content together to increase conversions.

Builds authority for your brand

In addition to content that sits on your website, you need to consider how your brand is mentioned across the web. A content strategy will also cover who you should be building relationships with and what websites you should be housing your content on, in order to reach new audiences.

Headshot of Fresh Egg's director of content and social media

Our content strategy is driven by how audiences are searching and what content needs to be created to meet their needs. Our documents are packed full of actionable information that our clients can take away and begin to implement immediately.

Better yet, we get together with our clients to help prioritise actions together so that search best practice, internal client resource and development restraints are all taken into consideration at the point of document delivery.

Ryan Ogilvie, director of content and social media

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