Staff rewards and benefits

We understand that what you need from us as your employer to make you feel supported and secure extends beyond a salary.

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We have tried to consider different lifestyles and needs to offer you a range of benefits, from discounts with local companies to help with the cost of lunch through to critical illness cover to give you peace of mind and security.

Above and beyond these monetary benefits, we also do everything we can, as a business, to encourage our team members to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a good work-life balance.


Fresh Egg participates in the ‘Cyclescheme’ which means that we can purchase a bicycle and cycling safety equipment on your behalf, and this is then reimbursed by you to the company by way of monthly salary deductions over 12 months. At the end of the 12 months Cyclescheme get in touch with you to talk about next steps.

Travel loans

The interest free loan is then deducted from your monthly net salary in instalments. Purchasing these tickets annually means you make considerable savings on your travel costs. If you drive into work we have a discounted rate for the car park located above the Worthing office.

Company sick pay

Illness is inevitable from time to time and it is not in the best interests of you or of Fresh Egg for you to come to work whilst ill or to return before you are ready. Therefore, we have a robust sickness procedure in place, which supports not only coughs and colds, but the long term sicknesses that can occur. In addition to our sickness cover, we have critical illness insurance for every team member.

Critical illness

Fresh Egg provides Critical Illness cover and a Death in Service scheme for all their staff members, commencing from the first quarterly review date after your start date.


Team members can acknowledge each other’s excellence through our kudos system. On a bi-monthly basis, we look at who has received the most kudos and that person receives a voucher, gift or weekend away. Not only that, the top five people with the most kudos choose a book they would like for the office library, and we vote on which one to get.


We want everyone to start off on the right foot so we run detailed induction sessions with each discipline for every new starter. But we don’t want learning and development to stop there. We review performance with team members regularly using competency frameworks, and we ensure that each employee has a personal development plan in place.

Fresh Egg gym

Following a gym induction, all staff are able to use the equipment provided during lunch breaks and outside office hours. A large variety of equipment is available including cross trainer, running machines, vibration plate, rowing and cycling machines as well as weights and weight training equipment. 

Photos of treadmills and a Cross Trainer in the Fresh Egg Gym

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