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Whether you’re refreshing your brand, launching a product or implementing a new sales strategy, you face a host of marketing questions. Which channels deliver results at scale? Where are the ad buys which are most cost-effective? How does automation fit in?

Paid search marketing has the advantage of reaching people when they’re already on Google. Whether they want to do something, know something or buy something, they can find their needs instantly met at the top of the search engine results page with the right pay-per-click PPC strategy. We will craft a paid search package to achieve your business goals and meet the search intent of your customers.

Increase website traffic

When you haven’t got the time for an SEO campaign to deliver traffic to your website, then a PPC campaign is the way to go.

We will help you reach your target audience immediately. Our paid search campaigns will capture the traffic generated by your brand activity.

Identify new opportunities

A PPC campaign is always generating data. We will benchmark your campaign performance so you can extract market trends and act on them ahead of time.

We will also monitor competitors to give you instant notification of insights you can capitalise on.

Optimise conversion rates

Alignment with business goals is essential for any PPC campaign to deliver a high return on investment. We will help you develop strategies for growth and tailor campaigns to achieve clear goals.

Our consultants are specialists in converting high-value traffic at the lowest cost.

PPC case studies

Accelerate campaign performance

Our testing methodology enables us to evaluate the differential impact of variant ad placements and ideas. We go with what works.

Make the most of budgets

We maximise PPC effectiveness with successful bidding automation and precise attribution. We ensure very penny counts.

Stand out from competitors

Gain access to creative services not available to your marketing team. Our landing pages and ad assets are always high-impact.

Our digital expert, Vicky says

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New clients get the best value from our paid search team when we start off with an account audit. We don’t just look for high-impression low-click-through keywords, we also check how custom audiences are being targeted. Other considerations include ad rotation and bid strategy. The result of an audit is always a plan for making account management and reporting more efficient.

Vicky Voss, Client Partner 

Our process for PPC brilliance

PPC process

Our PPC portfolio

PPC audit

We analyse how your existing Google Ads account performs and benchmark it against best practice.

PPC optimisation

We restructure your PPC account based on the recommendations from a PPC audit.

PPC campaign set up

We take your business products or services and translate them into campaigns.

PPC campaign management

Our team of specialists support the day-to-day management of your paid campaigns.

PPC training

Our training sessions keep you up-to-date with the latest changes in the paid media space.


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