PPC contractor drives roadmap momentum

We helped Agria maintain digital roadmap momentum by placing one of our vetted expert PPC contractors while searching and placing the perfect long-term candidate.

Client: Agria
Sector: Insurance
Website: agriapet.co.uk
Services: RecruitmentFresh Egg ExpertsPaid Search

We were aware the Agria digital team (like many others) was struggling to fill a key hire in their open PPC role. Our Account Director, Lisa Rippon, made an introduction to see how (or if) we could support the digital team. Read how we helped the Agria team maintain vital roadmap momentum.

The challenge

The digital recruitment market continues to be challenging for organisations looking to replace or build out new job roles. Our market knowledge allowed us to set a realistic timeline of 3-6 months to find the perfect candidate to complement the existing in-house team.

The potential long window allowed us to suggest temporary support in the form of a contracted, fully vetted Fresh Egg Expert to Agria.

The placement of our contracted expert meant that Agria could:

  • Continue the proactive management and maintenance of paid media spend.
  • Secure expert help, meaning workloads were less impacted, and other resources were not affected by having to cover this role internally.
  • Have peace of mind recruiting the right fit into the permanent role, knowing we had covered the position in the interim.
  • The work was overseen by our paid media team, meaning all areas were aligned, and we could support the expert contractor where needed.

Our client says...

Headshot of Emily Howard

In a tricky recruitment market, Fresh Egg did a brilliant job. They not only found us the perfect candidate, but also provided us with high quality contracted resource while they undertook their search. This minimised impact on our existing (busy!) workforce and ensured that our activity in the paid media space didn’t stall while we recruited. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!

Emily Howard, Digital Marketing & Affiliate Performance Manager, Agria

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Our solution

Initially, we discussed offering contractor support in the interim and contacted suitable contractors from our roster of vetted experts.

We arranged for our client to have an initial chat with three of our experts.

From the conversations, we quickly identified the most suitable expert placing them within one week. Offering two days per week of interim support, our expert was able to assist the team with paid search support while we proactively sourced suitable candidates for the permanent role.

Our Head of Recruitment says

Headshot of Emma Couling

This challenge was great to work on for Agria, even with the headwinds in the recruitment market. It was imperative to deliver the perfect candidate promptly. Our access to a broad network of digital experts allowed us to suggest offering contractor support which bridged the recruitment gap enabling the team to focus on the permanent role. We had a perfect result supporting the contractor placement and finding and placing the ideal full-time candidate.

Emma Couling

The outcome

While it took five months to find the perfect candidate, we knew we had the luxury of knowing our expert contractor was progressing with paid search needs on an interim basis.

By proactively sourcing through our vast network of digital contacts, we found the perfect long-term hire for Agria. The beauty of having someone covering the interim needs meant that the marketing team's digital objectives could still be met.

Ultimate continuity was achieved with our expert remaining in the post to provide a full handover until the client is confident that their new team member has settled in the post-induction period.


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