Google Ad Grants optimisation for Rainbow Trust

We helped Rainbow Trust get the most from their Google Ad Grants funding and overcome their digital marketing challenges.

Written by Lee Colbran

Rainbow Trust, a charity that supports the families of children with life-threatening illnesses, approached Fresh Egg when it was looking for an agency to partner with on its AdWords account rebuild.

When Google changed the way it monitored accounts in receipt of Google Ad Grants, the charity saw its traffic and income drop. Fresh Egg delivered a series of training days, where the charity's team learned to undertake the work required to improve their results themselves.

We analysed how the charity had Google Analytics set up, and Rainbow Trust's in-house web developers were able to take our clear, actionable insights and put them into practice.

"One of the great things about working with Fresh Egg is ... you have access to a huge amount of knowledge across teams from PPC to conversion rate optimisation and their analytical teams, which means you can come to them with any problem. It's basically extending our digital team. By working with them, we're exposed to ideas, thoughts and knowledge from sectors that we wouldn't necessarily have. As a charity, that's hugely beneficial for us."

Kate Phelps, digital marketing manager at Rainbow Trust

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