Choosing and working with a PPC agency

Collaborating to achieve success

Specialist consultancy services supporting agency-managed paid search

If you’re looking to outsource your paid search, you need to be sure that you’re choosing the right agency for your business.

Or perhaps you already have an agency in place who would benefit from independent and objective advice, helping them achieve more?

We want to help you get the most out of your PPC performance and operations. As an independent third-party we can assist your agency-managed operations with a number of specialist consultancy services.

Production of briefs and tender documentation

A well-constructed and planned tender brief will attract well-considered responses from your selected agencies. With our extensive experience in operational consultancy and campaign management we can help you tighten up your pitch documents and get to the core of what you need.

Access to trusted specialist paid search partners

We are proud to offer you access to our network of paid search partners. All have been carefully vetted and selected by Fresh Egg for operational excellence, excellent customer service and a history of delivering results for our clients. We trust them to do a good job, enough to recommend them directly to you.

Agency selection

Appointing a new agency can be a difficult process. We help to reduce the stress with experienced input, unbiased assessment of capability and demystification of any technobabble to help you appoint the right agency for your business.


If you have a new agency joining your ranks, getting them up and running is faster with experienced hands to guide them. Our onboarding service places Fresh Egg as the bridge between your business and the agency, making onboarding far more efficient.


A robust strategy is critical to paid search success. Without it, your agency will only ever deliver tactical improvements. From understanding your objectives to carrying out numerical and operational analysis of current performance, we will identify the opportunities to pursue to optimise the performance of your PPC activity.

Independent reviews

Is your incumbent agency doing well? Are there areas where they could improve? We can help you find out. Our team of consultants can provide unbiased third-party insight into performance and operations. Our aim is to help your agency relationship become smoother, more effective and more productive.

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