The ultimate guide to using Google Ad Grants

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Brimming with helpful advice and information, our in-depth Google Ad Grants guide provides insights and top tips for marketers in the charity sector.

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  • The important differences between Standard Ad Grants and Google Ad Grants Pro
  • Applying for your $10,000-a-month Google Ad Grant
  • Spending your Google Ad Grant in the most effective way
  • Deciding which keywords to target, and why you need to think outside the box
  • Creating website content that champions expertise and authority
  • Automated bidding and other Google requirements
  • Avoiding or dealing with a deactivation
  • Limitations and opportunities when using Google Ad Grants
  • Conversions such as turning your website visitors into advocates and in turn into supporters of your organisation
  • Creating reports on your performance, quality score and click-through rate
  • Competitor analysis tools
  • More Google perks for non-profits, namely the G-suite, Earth and Maps

With this guide, we aim to give you a solid understanding of what Google Ad Grants are, how to get one, and how to maximise your organisation’s performance using the budget Google gives you.

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