Technical SEO

Technical SEO is about making sure everything’s right, but making sure everything is right is harder than it sounds. That’s where we come in.


SEO Audits

Broken links, site performance, poor quality content and risk of algorithm penalties are some of the problem areas unearthed in our Technical SEO audits.

A technically brilliant site is the holy grail of SEO.  A full structural and technical audit identifies any issues which are having a direct impact on your website’s performance in organic search and helps you fix them to grow your visibility in organic search. 

We assess the configuration and structure of your website to identify any issues that are hampering performance and also realise any opportunities to improve. What’s more, many technical fixes have a long-term impact which means a website can see an improvement in organic performance for years after. 

Website Migrations

Whether you’re looking to move your site to HTTPS, switching platforms, or migrate a whole infrastructure of sites in a new domain, we can make sure you maintain search performance during and after migration. Find out more about website migrations.

International SEO

Every country is different and so is its search landscape. Search behaviour alters drastically across countries and languages. We can help you reach audiences across borders with international optimisation to tailor your site to your target territory.

Mobile SEO

Mobile is the first interaction most of your customers will have with your brand. We’ll help make sure your site gives them the best experience possible whatever device they’re on.

Penalty prevention

Search guidelines are changing all the time and it can be difficult to keep up with what the search engines are advising. We assess your site against the very latest guidance to ensure that you’re not at risk of a penalty now and to guard against future changes.

Content Marketing

Content marketing that's driven by the needs of your customers and the role of your brand.

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SEO Training

Master onsite optimisation, understand Google’s algorithms and learn how to implement and measure SEO campaigns with technical SEO experts, Fresh Egg

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Measuring SEO

Digital marketing is built on a ‘test and learn’ methodology, which means our suite of proprietary tools need to be able to measure activity accurately using as many metrics as possible.

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Website and Domain migrations

Don't leave your traffic behind when you move your site.

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