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Our audience-led approach to SEO strategy provides you with direction to improve your SEO visibility, with clear recommendations to guide you.

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We deliver actionable recommendations, prioritised by expected impact.

Creating something special takes hard work and we recognise that each business is different. We use a flexible framework to develop an SEO strategy that works for each individual client and is tailored to their audience's needs.

Companies that trust us

Over two decades, we've created successful SEO strategies for a long list of clients from a wide range of verticals. Here's a selection of our most recent work. 

Fresh Egg provided us with incredibly detailed audits, strategies and actionable plans for implementation which have led to a marked improvement in visibility and, more importantly, consistency of content, message and brand.

Chris Windebank, digital director, global marketing at Bacardi

How we work

We work with you to ensure the strategy is aligned with your own marketing plans and is realistic - taking into account your resources and any known blockers you may have. With experience of working alongside clients of different sizes and stages of development, we can be flexible to suit your needs.

  • Working with and supporting your in-house teams. We act as a partner to your marketing team, combining our expertise with yours - giving you access to a strategic sounding board and deep technical SEO experience
  • Collaborating with other agencies and partners. Executing your strategy can often be dependent on a third party, such as a development agency or platform provider. We take a collaborative approach to ensure your partners have the information they need and you have the reassurance that everything is on track.
  • Direct execution of the strategy. If you lack the resources or expertise to move forwards, we can help. We work transparently and flexibly to deliver a return on your investment.
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The team at Fresh Egg are like an extension of our team. We don't consider them to be a supplier. They are the people that we turn to whenever we need help.

Kate Ridley, senior marketing manager at Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward