$2.5m uplift for Aardy

Through our new “Performance Guarantee” offering, we helped drive a huge +$2.5m annual incremental revenue for Aardy in one test, exceeding the target by +173%

Client: Aardy
Sector: Insurance
Website: Aardy.com
Services: Conversion Services

Aardy has been Fresh Egg’s first “Performance Guarantee” client. Our task was to drive an agreed $1m increase in revenue with minimal initial investment and risk. To kick-start our testing roadmap, we created a prioritised testing backlog which focused on driving incremental revenue for Aardy’s travel insurance product. One of the critical value-driving concepts was pushing their “price guarantee” USP more prominently for users.

We worked collaboratively with Aardy and our in-house design team to develop an A/B test that would capture the attention of users visiting Aardy.com and increase overall sales. Here, we will showcase how we achieved this strong result through A/B experimentation.

Key project outcomes

Headshot of Luis d'Orey Facco Vianna

“AARDY, a highly data-driven company, found Fresh Egg to be a breath of fresh air! Their ability to communicate effectively and match our pace made working together seamless. The breadth of their team's competencies and their no-nonsense approach has positioned them as a true partner. We are excited to continue building this productive partnership.”

Luis d'Orey Facco Vianna, CEO, Aardy

The challenge

Our challenge was to drive a +4% increase in conversion rate and an agreed $1m annualised incremental revenue for Aardy over an initial four-month contractual period. Additionally, Aardy wanted to start their journey of using experimentation to make data-led decisions.

To help achieve the required +4% increase in conversion rate over the initial contract period, we drove our testing roadmap through:

  • Funnel analysis
  • Unmoderated user testing
  • Competitor analysis

The accrued data enabled us to understand the essential areas of the journey to optimise and the required drivers to increase user conversion. We created the concept around "Price Guarantee" messaging using our insurance-specific prioritisation matrix.


Headshot of Jake Lambert

The team delivered a tremendous first experiment outcome, which we achieved as a result of solid research. The ability to drive such a significant increase in revenue from one experiment is a testament to the work the team puts into creating a successful CRO strategy.

Jake Lambert, Head of Conversion Services

Our solution

To create the initial four-month impact roadmap for Aardy, we initiated an initial website analysis to understand the primary areas of friction in the policy purchase journey. This showed that the quote results page was the critical area of focus, with over three-quarters of users not proceeding.

After this initial discovery stage, we used unmoderated user testing to understand why users did not purchase. Price was a key factor, with many comparisons of policy features against price. Removing the user’s anxiety about whether they have the most competitive price enables them to focus on the right policy for their needs and significantly increases their commitment to buying.

We worked with our design team and Aardy for content suggestions to provide the optimum, most impactful design. Our dev team then developed an A/B test, which we deployed to confirm statistically whether the variation performed better than the original version.

Headshot of Tim Richards

This experiment was a fantastic way to kick off the experimentation roadmap with Aardy, as our first Performance Guarantee client! This test demonstrated the importance of highlighting a key USP for Aardy at the right time of the conversion funnel to drive a significant increase in revenue. Hitting the forecasted target within only one test shows the huge benefit experimentation can make. We can’t wait to continue collaborating and driving more incremental revenue with Aardy.

Tim Richards,  Conversion Services Director

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The outcome

As a result of this A/B test during the testing phase, we saw;

  • +12% increase in quote to sale
  • $2.5m increase in annualised revenue
  • Consistent uplift across all devices

Since concluding the winning test, we have worked collaboratively with Aardy to have the winning variation hardcoded within a week of being declared a winner to drive this benefit across the annualised period.

In summary

We're hugely proud of the results of the first test for Aardy and exceeding the agreed $1m target in one A/B test. We can’t wait to continue collaborating with the team and drive even further incremental benefits in the future through experimentation.


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