Personalisation project for Wineware

We increased revenue-per-visitor by 24% using website personalisation, geolocation and cart abandonment emails.

Client: Wineware
Sector: Retail & eCommerce
Services: CRO, Analytics and dataPersonalisation

Wineware is an online retailer that sells glasses, wine racks and accessories. Fresh Egg has supported the business with development, digital analytics and strategy for over 20 years. As Wineware has grown into one of the UK’s leading wine and bar accessories suppliers, our work has evolved to focus on conversion rate optimisation.

Key project outcomes

The challenge

Although it performed well in user testing, Wineware’s website lacked detail for specific audiences, and its one-size-fits-all content could not adapt to differences in customer behaviour.

We pitched a series of website personalisation strategies to unlock these missed opportunities. We suggested introducing dynamic features like smart product recommendations and targeted notifications to make the website more relevant and engaging for a broader range of visitors.

Fresh Egg was already running successful A/B testing activity on our site, so when they suggested we personalise our site for different visitor types, we trusted their advice... The results have been excellent, and to be honest, we’ve been surprised by the volume of additional sales achieved.

Lynsey Wellman, Owner, Wineware 

Stephen Courtney

Working with Wineware was a real pleasure because the team is so enthusiastic about new optimisation ideas. Fresh Egg’s experience with website personalisation allowed us to highlight the most impactful strategies, and the results have reinforced a number of the principles we wanted to validate.

Stephen Courtey, Senior CRO & UX Strategist

Our solution

We implemented Bunting, a website personalisation tool, on to deliver targeted product recommendations and notifications. We flagged each new release in Optimizely, allowing us to measure their impact on user behaviour and conversion rate.

Our solution included three website personalisation strategies:

1. Smart product recommendations

We introduced personalised recommendations to the website’s product pages and basket page. Powered by machine learning, the tailored recommendations increased both conversion rate and average order values. Together, these trends saw revenue-per-visitor grow by 17.9%.

2. Geolocation messaging

Our analysis showed that international visitors rarely completed purchases, even when several items were in their basket. To recapture some of these lost sales, we designed a notification reassuring foreign visitors that delivery to their respective locations was quick and efficient. This delivery message increased orders from overseas visitors by 19%.

3. Shopping cart abandonment emails

A simple “Leakage Calculation” highlighted the number of potential customers exiting the website from the basket page. To retain more of these visitors, we introduced an exit pop-up that offered to remind visitors about the items in their basket. The abandonment emails we designed had a profound effect on users who would have otherwise abandoned their basket, increasing that segment’s conversion rate by a massive 48%.

The outcome

The combined revenue uplift from these personalisation strategies increased revenue-per-visitor by 24% across the website.

Not only has this provided a substantial revenue boost, but the growth in Customer Lifetime Value has also allowed Wineware to target new PPC keywords with profitable campaigns.

Our work has enhanced Wineware’s capacity for test-and-learn development alongside performance improvements. Our processes, and the software we implemented, have allowed them to continue iterating on the tests we designed.

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