10 desirable personality traits of a digital marketer

Written by Intern - 27 Jul 2016

Your skill set can make or break your chances of landing a dream job in Digital Marketing, or any industry for that matter – but did you know your personal characteristics are now equally important?

Employers and recruiters will size candidates up against specific and commonly shared qualities which contribute to company culture. This allows them to sift out high-potential candidates and interview them. So if personality traits are in the spotlight, how would you fare and how can you solidify a successful career path in the digital world?

How we discover digital marketing talent

At Fresh Egg, we are passionate about driving innovation and immersing ourselves within our customers’ businesses to help them realise their full potential. In order to do so, we are dedicated to finding, developing and retaining the best digital marketing talent.

We also look for candidates exuding personal characteristics that align with our company values to really succeed and thrive. Take a look at our 10 desirable personality traits below.

1. Innovative (creative)

As a Digital Marketing candidate, being innovative and creative is what could help you stand out from the pack. Creative thinking ensures you can spot opportunities and test concepts. It goes hand-in-hand with having a logical and methodical approach when it comes to problem solving.

Innovation, possibly one of the more difficult traits to master, has the ability to develop your creative thinking approach, transform your campaigns, and enhance your relationships with clients.

2. Adaptability

In this day and age, in a world where there is constant change in technology developments, life would be difficult if you weren’t able to adapt quickly. This is particularly true in a digital working environment where data trends and search engine algorithms constantly change and flexibility is a must. If you fail to adapt, don’t be surprised if you’re left behind.

So how do you handle change? What if plan ‘A’ suddenly changed to plan ‘B’? Do you fight, flight or freeze?! Being able to communicate examples where you have been flexible will paint you as an unshakeable and favourable marketer.

Being adaptable when Plan A changes to Plan B

3. Gravitas

From a client-facing point of view, an imperative trait is the ability to present strategies, no matter how complex, with confidence and gravitas.

Self-confidence could be picked up from a number of observations, including your body language, posture, eye-contact and your ability to answer queries with assurance. However it’s also important that you don’t get ahead of yourself, because as the saying goes – nobody likes a self-important know-it-all!

Attitude is everything – showing gravitas

4. Collaborative

Do you consider yourself a great communicator? Working together, building and maintaining relationships is important in any job, and especially in the digital marketing world. At Fresh Egg we wholeheartedly believe that collaboration is not limited to four walls and it can lead to the development of great ideas, and stronger internal teams.

Being approachable and open to different ideas enable others to communicate comfortably with you in all forms of communication – whether that be face-to-face, email, phone or real-time messaging apps for quicker day-to-day productivity. This is particularly important for our communication between our Australian and UK offices.

5. Patience

Although we live in a fast-paced environment, nothing ever really happens as quickly as we want it to. There’s internal reporting lines, technical considerations and the time required to implement actions correctly. As an agency, client schedules also need to be kept in mind. So take a deep breath, be patient and stress-less!

6. Engaged and enthusiastic

It’s important as a digital marketer that you are active on social networks and practice what you preach. Here at Fresh Egg , we believe having an active presence on at least two social profiles is ideal. Your online engagement might also extend to having your own blog. This would be seen as a big advantage in the digital world as this can highlight your writing, creative and technical skills.

Have a genuine interest for all things digital marketing? At Fresh Egg, we believe in caring about everyone and everything that we do. If you don’t have the passion for the industry you work in, then how will you enjoy what you do and have a reason to come to work every day?

Enthusiastic worker celebrating success

7. Motivated

Some may argue that motivation is situational, and perhaps there is some truth in this argument. However, demonstrating that that you have a thirst for knowledge, are bright and driven, with the motivation to lead by example are valued signs of long-term success.

If you need to develop this, get into a habit of setting your goals for the month, the quarter and the year. That way, you can clearly communicate to your manager or next job interviewer as to what drives your motivation.

It’s also important to point out that motivation goes two ways. If you don’t work for a company that helps you reach your career goals or lacks incentives and culture, then how are you expected to stay motivated?

8. Business-savvy

To succeed in business, one must understand how businesses operate in general, as well as have a strong overview of the marketplace and company itself. That way, making decisions that lead to profit are more achievable.

Business-savvy individuals are great networkers, and are able to spot and grow future opportunities. This means knowing your products, the businesses differentiators and most importantly, the competition.

9. Diplomatic

As human beings we all have our own feelings and thoughts, and at times there will be differing opinions in a workplace. While it can be a challenge to put aside your own opinions on a matter, it is important to remain diplomatic if you want to control conflict and keep the peace.

The other side of the argument is that in an ever-changing digital marketing environment, a debate can be healthy and welcoming - providing an opportunity to break through differing opinions, and spark great ideas.

10. Dependable

Trustworthy, reliable, and cooperative are all qualities that fall under being dependable. Entering into a new job is similar to a relationship – you need to prove to your employer that they can count on you to meet deadlines. Furthermore, that you aren’t going to upset employees around you or pose a risk to existing business relationships.

One of Fresh Egg’s core values is integrity, and part of this is really believing that you’re utilising the client’s budget in the best way you can, and doing everything possible to deliver ROI for them.

Honesty is at the forefront of hiring and retention as well. So next time you’re asked about your strengths and weaknesses, don’t feel ashamed to admit that you are not perfect.

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