BrightonCRO and MeasureCamp: Some thoughts and some slides

Written by Intern - 25 Mar 2015

We’ve been lucky enough to attend some excellent conferences of late, so we thought we’d briefly share our thoughts and key takeaways with you.

Brighton's conversion rate optimisation meet-up

Following the success of the last event they ran together, Fresh Egg’s head of CRO, Duncan Heath, teamed up with director of optimisation, Pete Taylor at The Student Room Group to put together another fantastic event this month. The second instalment of BrightonCRO featured talks from some prominent names in the CRO community, including Dara Fitzgerald of Measurelab, Matt Althauser of Optimizely, Chris Gibbins of RedEye and, of course, Duncan himself. You can view each of the presentation slide decks below.

What we liked about BrightonCRO

#1 Meet-up mentality

Brighton’s CRO community is a rapidly growing one and this event offered plenty of opportunity to chat and network with others working in the field. The place was full of intelligent and interesting people keen to talk about their area of expertise. The flowing beer and pizza definitely helped with this aspect of the event.

#2 Excellent speakers

Dara Fitzgerald, analytics director for Measurelab covered the benefits of implementing enhanced ecommerce web tracking in Google Analytics:

'Enhanced Ecommerce and CRO' - Dara Fitzgerald, analytics director, Measurelab 

‘I enjoyed Dara’s talk on enhanced ecommerce – I’d love to help more businesses take the leap with implementing this. I’m looking forward to more in-depth talks on personalisation and case studies next time.’

Kayleigh Rogers, junior technical web analyst, Fresh Egg


While Matt Althauser, GM EMEA at Optimizely, outlined a ‘how to’ of personalisation:

‘Developing a Personalisation Strategy’ – Matt Althauser, GM EMEA, Optimizely


Chris Gibbins, head of UX at Red Eye enlightened us with his experience of CRO processes and tools:

A few things I've learned about CRO processes, resources and tools - Chris Gibbins, RedEye 


Finally the event rounded up with Duncan demonstrating the positive impact of CRO testing using a selection of strong case studies from the conversion services team at Fresh Egg. It was refreshing to watch each of the speakers deliver passionate and engaging talks, free from rhetoric. 

 A series of interesting CROcase studies - Duncan Heath, Fresh Egg

#3 Honest feel

Every presenter was questioned by the audience following their talk. This led to some lively discussions around topics such as the limitations of certain testing platforms and the actual impact of a quick win.

‘So you’ve increased enquiries for your client by 20% overnight thanks to onsite A/B testing. How do they deal with that uplift; how indeed are you qualifying these leads?’

The honest response was: ’It’s all about communication with your client.’ Simple really, but it was great to hear how industry experts deal with real life problems.

Want to find out how Duncan and his team of conversion experts could make your website more profitable? Get in touch with the conversion services team today!


MeasureCamp web analytics conference

A few of us on the insight team attended MeasureCamp London a few weekends back. We met fellow digital analytics practitioners and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. There are three main features, besides the after party and delicious food, that made this conference one that we would attend again.

What we liked about MeasureCamp

#1 ‘Unconference’ concept

There is no sitting for hours, trying to pay attention to one speaker’s presentation. Attendees arrive in the morning and propose ideas for discussions, workshops and presentations which take place in 25 minute slots throughout the day. The format is designed to encourage a focus on what attendees find most interesting and useful, and it works!

‘The format of an ‘un-conference’ was new to me; it was a really refreshing way to engage with like-minded people and discuss all the subjects that are current within the industry. What I love most about this type of event is that I no longer feel like the biggest geek in the room.'

Julian Erbsloeh, head of insight, Fresh Egg

#2 Manners done right

Attendees don’t have to stay in any presentation against their will. If you realise after a few minutes that this particular talk is not for you, you can get up and leave without feeling guilty. Everyone is made aware of this rule at the start of the day. It is about realising what is useful to you and making effective user of your time.

#3 Attendees from online communities

It was great to finally meet the people who frequently post on Google product communities.

“It was great to meet the analytics experts whose blogs I read all the time and also to hear problems other teams experience. I loved my first MeasureCamp and will be heading to the next one in September. Can’t wait to see everyone again.”

Kayleigh Rogers, junior technical web analyst, Fresh Egg

Did you attend either of these events? Why not leave us a comment below to tell us your thoughts?