What's life like as a Fresh Egg Contractor?

Written by Lee Colbran - 16 Oct 2023

Recruitment Services | 3 MIN READ

We caught up with Rachel Southcott, a paid media specialist, and asked her about her experience working with us as one of our expert contractors - watch Rachel's video.

Start by telling us a bit about yourself and your background

I've been working in digital marketing for almost ten years now. Primarily, I worked in-house as a marketer doing various types of marketing, and about five years ago, I decided to go freelance. And since then, I've been focusing specifically on paid search and paid social media.

Do you need help with a short-term project challenge?

How did you find out about Fresh Egg?

So, I think Fresh Egg actually found me. I believe that they came across my website and submitted an enquiry through my site. Just to enquire about, you know, what type of digital marketing services I offer and whether I had any capacity to support the team at Fresh Egg and their clients with paid search and paid social campaigns.

How long have you worked with us and what kind of projects have you worked on?

I support Fresh Egg in delivering digital marketing to clients across various industries and sectors, but I have particular knowledge and expertise within the financial sector. My background is in financial services, working with mortgage brokers, financial advisors, private equity, and real estate.

I've been working with Fresh Egg since May 2022. So, it's coming up to just over a year now. I've been working with them across a broad range of clients within the charity sector and financial and professional services sectors as well. And I've been supporting them with their clients in a range of different ways.

So sometimes that could be working directly with the client, almost as though I was part of that client's in-house marketing team, and also just providing ad hoc support as and when it's required by the client, and the types of projects that I've been getting involved in are predominantly within paid search and paid social media campaigns.

So specifically with Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram campaigns. That could be taking over an existing account that's been running for a while, carrying out an audit and looking for ways to improve the account. But that could also be creating a brand new campaign from scratch where the client hasn't got any existing assets or account structure.

We're proud of our team and in-house technical experts, how does having access to the wider Fresh Egg network help you in the work you do?

My experience working with Fresh Egg has actually been really refreshing.

I've been working with them, as I said, for over a year now. And it's been such an enjoyable experience. They are such a great bunch of people to work with. But beyond that, the systems and processes they've got in place make my job as a consultant so much easier.


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What's the day-to-day like working with Fresh Egg?

They've got a really seamless way of onboarding contractors; you feel like part of the team. There is great communication daily via Slack or email or by picking up the phone. And the way that they manage projects, both internally and when it comes to managing the clients and dealing with clients, is really seamless and efficient. Everybody understands their role and, you know, what they need to bring to the table, and everybody's held accountable, and you really are working as part of a team.

What do you think sets our recruitment apart from a standard recruiter?

I think Fresh Egg stands out among recruiters within the digital space because they are hands-on practitioners, so they are primarily a digital marketing agency, which means that when placing candidates and when trying to find the right talent for their clients, they have the hands-on knowledge and experience. So they know exactly what clients are looking for. They can also match them with the right consultant because they have a deep understanding of what that client does on a day-to-day basis in their roles. And so for me, having worked with them and having been placed as a consultant within one of their clients' teams, I've experienced firsthand that, you know, they understand how to match us, but not just that.

They're there to provide ongoing support. So once I've been placed with a client, I know that I can rely on the team of Fresh Egg to be on hand if I have any queries and to provide support from a technical perspective as well. So not just from a kind of hate child perspective, but also if I come across something that I'm not quite sure about, I know that I can contact the team at Fresh Egg, who have that digital marketing background and can support me in delivering for their client.

And the old classic, what's your favourite way to eat an egg?

So I used to eat eggs, and I actually used to eat eggs every day for breakfast. I loved having boiled egg with avocados, muffin, tomatoes, all of that. But about two years ago, I decided that I was pretty much gonna cut eggs out of my diet. However, I will caveat that in saying that I still eat eggs that are in cakes and in pasta as well.

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