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We built a .NET Windows service that allowed a B2B business to import and synchronise customer and product information from Sage 200 to the website and export orders back to the accounting software.

The project

Our client needed to integrate new accounting software to streamline the order process and reduce friction between the website and back-office administration. The solution would allow the business to import (and synchronise) customer and product information directly to the website from Sage 200. Also, the client wanted orders from the website to be exported back into the accounting software.

A legacy accounting integration set up already existed with the website to perform these tasks, but the client moved their accounting software to Sage 200. With the help of our client's other technology partners, we set up a solution that met the business's needs.

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It was great to be involved in integrating the client to Sage 200. Their previous accounting software was using a plugin that was very outdated. By merging them onto the Sage 200 platform, not only does the client have accounting software that is well supported, but it also allowed us to rewrite the sync tool and take advantage of modern web practices.

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The solution

The partner agencies set up the primary Sage 200 integration. Once established, we allowed access to the website's database to enable the data transfer between the accounting software and the website.

From there, we provided secure access to the website's SQL Server database to enable the transfer of data needed to provide accurate (and up to date) information for the website.

With the data connection established, we created a .NET Windows service between the two systems to check and see if any of the data had changed between the two systems.

The web service utilises the SQL server's comparison functionality to detect data changes from the last synchronisation. The lean service only needing to change relevant updated information.

Once the service determines what data had changed, it updates the website. Crucially, this allows the business to provide real-time stock and pricing information to customers looking to purchase.

In reverse, when exporting new orders, the service creates a view written in SQL of all new orders that require synchronisation with the accounting software, which begins the fulfilment process.

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The outcome

Our client now benefits from integrating Sage 200 accounting software to manage customers, products, and orders from the website in one central location.

As a result, the business can reflect price changes in real-time. The communication between the accounting software and the website creates efficiencies for the back-office team, saving valuable time.

Now managed from a single solution, the integration ensures customer, product and order information is optimally synchronised.


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