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We’ve helped many businesses to build in-house capability and know exactly what it takes to get the best out of your internal operations. From recruitment of staff through to auditing and optimisation of ongoing operations, our services have been designed to help you maintain control as you drive for improvements in performance.

We'll help you answer questions such as whether to rely on digital agencies or bring everything in-house? Or what sorts of activities should be in-housed? Or how do we manage digital and people performance? We're on hand to support organisations across the journey in the creation of a first-class digital team.

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Building a business case for in-housing

As part of building your capability we will help you to pull the business case elements together – from cost/benefit analysis and requirements gathering to transition planning and onboarding of the team.

Helping determine areas of operational improvement

Operational auditing is the first step in planning any journey is to understand where you’re starting from and where you want to get to. Our specialists will take an in-depth look at your digital operations to understand how you currently operate and uncover operational opportunities that might be passing you by. If you have aspirations to in-house your activity but haven't done so already, our team will be able to help you quantify and qualify the scale of resources that you’ll need. We spend time with you to understand how digital is currently executed, what tools and resources you’re using and how you’re using them. We’ll look at current digital performance levels against KPIs to discover risks and opportunities associated with building in-house capability.

Supporting the recruitment of digital talent

Finding talent can be the hardest part of any in-housing operation. Creating attractive roles that fit the needs of the candidate as well as the needs of the business can be tricky. Our recruitment services provide the expertise needed to vet the suitability of candidates. We’re there to support you from start to finish, from role development to sourcing and placing the right people. Our team will help you to define the roles, find the talent and get them interviewed, selected and on board as quickly and smoothly as possible. We can then help with on-boarding and provide ongoing training and support. Our range of training services can plug any identified skill gaps that might be holding you back. Conducted either at your office or at ours, our training programs are designed to address your specific requirements.

Assistance in understanding how a current team is operating

A transition plan is essential for building an in-house team. We can help to optimise how your team currently works. Efficient and effective resource allocation is critical to digital success. We’ll help you to understand the capabilities of your team, how they spend their time, and then to formulate an improvement plan to help you hit your objectives. Internal and external sharing of best practice, learning new skills and methodologies, and keeping abreast of digital developments – all of these are essential to keeping the team functioning at top notch and ensuring that team retention is as high as possible. Our ongoing consultancy and support services can help with strategic planning, interim cover for staff absence, team development and management, reporting and analysis and more.

Interim support for digital teams

Whether you are transitioning in-house or experiencing a resource shortfall, our team can step in and manage your digital activity for you until you’re ready to take back control.

Sense checking of strategic plans and objectives

Strategic thinking and planning can really open up digital opportunities. Our involvement can help your team focus on management actions while we do some heavy lifting with the planning.

Innovation and ideas sessions to keep staff motivated

In-house teams are more at risk of isolation and stagnation. They don’t always have as much access to external ideas and innovation as agency staff. But that shouldn’t mean that they miss out. At Fresh Egg we recognise that sometimes the best support we can give you is to listen and advise. Giving your teams access to experienced peers keeps them focused, current in their knowledge, and helps to inspire confidence.

In-housing is the practice where businesses build internal teams and expertise rather than outsource to agencies. The concept offers businesses multiple benefits, but there are perils and drawbacks to consider.
The concept is extremely simple. Expertise is built within an organisation to deliver work that typically is outsourced to an agency. To succeed, a business will replicate the best agency teams in order to deliver a higher output of work.
There are a number of benefits with in-housing a digital team. Three primary benefits are 'Brand connection', 'Cost' and 'Intellectual property'. #1 Brand connection: Having an in-house team means the team are more likely to be culturally invested in your brand and your success. #2 Cost: Having an in-house team may have cost benefits. In-house teams typically have an edge over agency teams simply because they have more time to work through activity. #3 Intellectual property: For some businesses, IP is a core reason for building a team that is dedicated to success.
Building an in-house team has a number of drawbacks. Three major ones include 'Technology costs', 'Staffing' and 'Perspective'. #1: Technology costs: Agencies typically have access to a rich source of industry leading tools to help drive strategy and work output. Every piece of technology can be prohibitively expensive. If a business cannot afford the technology it will likely be difficult to perform all activity. #2 Staffing: In-housing a team has challenges. Agency teams are made-up of a number of discipline experts. Not all disciplines always require full-time attention, it may be there are team members that do not have enough work to keep them motivated and fulfilled. #3 Perspective: Objectivity and perspective are two elements internal teams are at risk of losing. Working with outside consultants is an excellent method of maintaining standards within a team

What our clients say about our in-housing services

“Fresh Egg has been working with us to identify areas of development for our in-house digital marketing team. The focus has been to work collaboratively with multiple stakeholders across disciplines to develop an understanding of core requirements to support continued significant growth.“

Mike Collins, managing director at Tropical Sky

“Recruiting into digital roles can often be difficult, time consuming and hard to navigate. We recently had a requirement to find a candidate to join our marketing team with a remit to drive our paid search activity. Fresh Egg provided support from helping to scope the required roles through to assisting with interviews to allow us to assess the technical compentency of candidates. The recent successful work to help build out our own in-house digital capability has been vital.“

Chris Howroyd, director at SH:24

Read about our work with both Tropical Sky and SH:24

In-housing recruitment support

From job role evaluation to creating attractive role descriptions through to support during the interview phase, we help organisation find the right team members for their digital teams.

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Recruitment services

Find and grow your in-house team with Fresh Egg. From short-term contracts to long-term hires, we know the digital marketing environment inside out and have over 19 years’ experience recruiting and retaining the very best in digital talent.

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Digital marketing training

Stay on top of your game with our interactive, practical training workshops in SEO, Biddable media, Analytics & Insight and CRO led by one of our industry experts.

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