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Help with your In-housing recruitment challenges

Our consultants will support you every step of the way through our comprehensive and integrated resourcing services. 


Role evaluation

If you’ve always out-sourced your digital, nailing the specifics of each and every role you’re bringing in-house can be a challenge. Particularly when approaching very technical positions. Let Fresh Egg be your expert guide. We will evaluate the roles best suited to deliver on your digital strategy, developing the core objectives for each role, and how they can work together to realise your vision.

Creating attractive role descriptions

A role or job description is a practical document that outlines the responsibilities, skills and experiences needed for a particular role. As well as the salary, bonus and benefits on offer. We will help you create attractive, truthful, opportunity-led and technically proficient role descriptions that motivate candidates to apply.

Market mapping and initial candidate contact

Market mapping is a specific and targeted approach to finding and identifying the right candidates for your roles. It’s an important step and will see our experts mining a blend of research resources to find you the right talent. If you would also like the first contact to be from a marketing professional working on your behalf – we can help you. Our experts can source, contact and filter talent, or work behind the scenes, refining a list of great people that you should definitely speak with. 

Filtering candidates

A poorly filtered candidate pool can be a huge timewaster. Not to mention frustrating. Why should you have to put up with a slow recruitment process because of a kink in the chain? Our belief – you shouldn’t. Fresh Egg can work with you to design a bespoke initial assessment, ensuring that you only interview candidates who have the right technical competencies, drivers, understanding of the role, salary expectations etc…

Support during the interview phase

A technical expert at interview can help you identify whether a candidate has sound knowledge of the subject material. They can also draw out experience and probe further into particular topics, making for a more natural technical conversation. Our experts are on-hand to join you throughout the interview stage, reviewing task outputs and reviewing reference checks.

Onboarding and induction

It’s a crucial time in your in-housing journey. If your new team members are not supported or onboarded properly, they could leave. We can help you minimise this risk by creating a strong onboarding and induction programme that’s right for your team, helping them get up-to-speed quickly and efficiently. Upskilling, training and ensuring that you can make the most out of your team from day one.

Helping you manage ‘key person’ risk

Do you have a single person who’s critical to the success of your team? Do you have a plan in case they resign or are unable to work? This is where a ‘virtual bench’ or line-up of replacement candidates comes in handy. We will work with you to effectively manage your ‘key person’ risk, developing your virtual bench. This exercise should be done for all key members of your digital team and also if you have plans to expand your team in the future.  

In-housing support services

We have a range of tailored services to support all of your resourcing requirements. From technical role creation, candidate market mapping and managing introductions, through to interviewing, on-boarding and ongoing training and mentoring.

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