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A website which loads in milliseconds, even on mobile, is a delight for customers and a draw for Google. We have the latest technology to speed up business on your website, whatever your platform.

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Our amazing tech partnership

You can trust Fresh Egg to boost the speed and performance of your website with a Gatsby frontend. And that’s because of our amazing relationship with Gatsby HQ in San Francisco.

Small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK now have the opportunity to operate at the same web-performance level as big global brands. KFC, Comic Relief, Johnson & Johnson, Sainsbury's, and Costa Coffee all have Gatsby-powered websites. Now you can join them.

As a Gatsby agency partner, we are granted early access to the software company’s new products and features. We are also well-placed to make the most of the innovations and fixes created by the thriving Gatsby developer community.


GatsbyJS case study

Superfast website for asset-based lender Ultimate Finance.

Ultimate Finance needed a speedy, smooth and stable new website to make them stand out from competitors. We built them a UX-rich Gatsby frontend with a resilient headless CMS. The new site ended up being 70% faster than the old site.

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Built-in data protection

A secure website prevents business data loss, protects your intellectual property and improves customer confidence. When we develop a Gatsby frontend for a website, its pre-rendering minimises the constant calls to a server and shuts down the window for unauthorised intrusion.

Reduced operation costs

Gatsby’s modular use of scripted components cuts development time for a website build. It frees up your budget for customised scoping and enables recruiting efforts to be focused on React developers, rather than multi-skilled developers. Its pre-rendering also cuts the server load on traffic-heavy websites.

Flexible CMS approach

Businesses that take a flexible approach to web technologies preserve operational agility and improve their chances of flourishing in uncertain times. When we design a high-speed website, the performance of our frontend Gatsby technology is not dependent on your backend CMS or e-commerce platform.

What our clients say

Headshot of Stacy Kirby

“I am immensely proud of what Fresh Egg have delivered. Our slick new website is stunningly fast, outperforming competitors! The feedback from the business has been so positive. Part of our original brief was to elevate the KFH brand and Fresh Egg nailed it with an exceptional web design that is clean, simple and elegant. We now have the best property site in London, and it was all achieved with minimal stress by the brilliant team at Fresh Egg.”

Stacey Kirby, Marketing Director, KFH 

What our Gatsby partnership offers


Create faster web experiences with Gatsby

Get the full details on GatsbyJS and why your organisation should use it to improve website performance.

Scale up with a headless CMS

Because Gatsby pre-renders webpages only when they change, there is much less content management activity that needs to happen at the backend. Gatsby decouples the frontend from the backend. As a result, it treats your CMS as if it were headless, even if it’s not.

If you don’t already have a headless CMS, then Gatsby offers a good reason to acquire one. A headless CMS offers a single manageable source for content with the possibility for multiple outputs. A single content element can be reused across web, apps and other platforms, making omnichannel marketing a cost-effective reality. Content elements can also be easily combined with each other to support multi-variant campaign testing.

Using a headless CMS with Gatsby gives your website scalability, resilience and adaptability. It also promotes an agile way of working which can result in content projects being finished quite rapidly.

Compare GatsbyJS with other JavaScript frontends

Static site generation✔️✔️✔️
Server-side rendering✔️✔️✔️
Open-source software✔️✔️✔️
Plug-in ecosystem✔️𒒬𒒬
Headless CMS compatible✔️✔️✔️
Legacy CMS compatible✔️𒒬𒒬
Large enterprise websites✔️✔️✔️

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