Fresh Egg Establishes Strategic Partnership With Reevoo

Fresh Egg, with its offices in the UK and Australia, has established a new strategic partnership with Reevoo in Australia. We’ve now worked with Reevoo for some time, so I asked Fresh Egg’s managing director, Adam Stafford, how the partnership has changed and how Reevoo can increase Fresh Egg’s clients’ sales.

Ben Stevens and Adam Stafford, Fresh Egg


What is Reevoo?


Reevoo is a ratings and reviews service provider with a difference. Reevoo gets more reviews than other providers, and its system isn’t open to abuse.

With one particular client, Reevoo was able to generate the same volume of user reviews in four weeks, than the client’s previous review system collected in four years. Reevoo gets an impressive 20% response rate to the invites it sends out to customers to write a review.

Reevoo also ensures all reviews are legitimate and made by genuine customers who have used or bought the services or products reviewed. Reevoo’s review collection process eliminates the risk of a competitor with an axe to grind posting a bogus review, which could affect your reputation. Each review is also manually checked for swearing and factually incorrect information before being published.



How does Reevoo benefit consumers?


Reevoo’s user reviews are more than just words on the page, they also include detailed ratings about the product or service’s features that are relevant to the consumer.

Consumers are able to make more informed decisions these days, and are looking to have these decisions reinforced by peers.

Consumers also benefit from Reevoo’s clear distinction of what exactly it is that has been reviewed – for example, whether it’s the Kia car being reviewed, or a review of a specific Kia dealership.



And what are the benefits to clients?


Having on-page UGC (user generated content) can have a significant positive impact on SEO. The volume of content, and the regularity of new reviews being added, will help product pages with properly integrated Reevoo reviews achieve better visibility in search than similar pages that lack UGC. The type of content contributed by genuine shoppers also makes product pages more relevant for those long-tail search queries.

As well as the SEO benefits, the inclusion of Reevoo reviews on a page has been proven to increase conversion. The purchase journey is now more social than ever, and consumers understandably look for positive reinforcements to back up their decisions. Without any user reviews to verify a decision, the customers might choose to avoid the risk altogether and shop somewhere else – somewhere that has user reviews.



Fresh Egg has worked with Reevoo for some time, so tell me what’s different about the new partnership?


Well, due to our expertise and our established office in Australia, Reevoo has chosen Fresh Egg to manage new accounts and the existing key accounts the business has there, including Kia Australia, Hyundai Australia, Holden Australia, The Good Guys and Insider Journeys.

Reevoo is still part of the relationship, providing any necessary in-depth support, but Fresh Egg is very much there on the front line, as the first point of contact and for face-to-face facilitation.

Fresh Egg can help new clients set up Reevoo on their sites, and ensures that it’s properly implemented from an SEO, usability and conversion perspective.


To find out how Reevoo reviews can improve your sales in Australia or the UK, get in touch with our respective offices on +61 (0)280 016 535 (Aus) or +44 (0)854 373 1077(UK).