COVID-19 update: Fresh Egg are working as normal

Written by Adam Stafford - 23 Mar 2020

We want to assure our customers and future customers that it is very much business as usual here at Fresh Egg. The business is operating normally, and following government advice, the Fresh Egg team are working remotely in order to help the effort in curbing the spread of COVID-19.

Questions we're being asked at this time

  • Is it business as normal at Fresh Egg?

    Yes, very much so. In these times of disruption, we are here and helping organisations with their challenges as the country collectively tackles the COVID-19 issue. 
  • How can Fresh Egg help when the team is all remote working?

    As a digital business, and as part of our flexible working commitment, our team members often work from home. We've had the technology in place to transition to full remote working for a sustained period of time. Given the severity of the situation with Covid-19, it was a straight-forward swap to this way of working.

  • I had a meeting booked with the Fresh Egg team, will it be postponed?

    We are not postponing meetings, it is business as usual. We are using technology to facilitate meetings online. The feedback from customers and the Fresh Egg team is that things are running well.

  • We were due to the Fresh Egg office to take part in a series of workshops, will these now be postponed until the Coronavirus Pandemic has abated?

    No, we are moving workshops online and operating them in this environment. Our team are using a variety of technologies to facilitate remote colloborative sessions.

  • As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, our business has an urgent need for additional people to support our core team, how can Fresh Egg help?

    Please get in touch with us by email or by calling 01903 285900. Talk to us about the challenges you are currently facing and we'll let you know how we can support you.

  • Can I call the office as normal?

    Yes, our phone lines are working as normal. Our reception team will be able to divert the calls through to the team member you would like to speak too.
Find out how Fresh Egg can help your organisation through the COVID-19 crisis

How Fresh Egg is coping with COVID-19

  1. Protecting the health of our staff and customers

    The health of our staff and customers is of paramount importance to us and we have moved today to ensure that, unless absolutely necessary, employees will work remotely. We have always encouraged a healthy lifestyle for our employees, which applies now more than ever. Support is being given to staff on sustaining a healthy lifestyle whilst remote working and all staff are regularly reminded of individual actions they can take to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

    We encourage our employees to use their sick days if they don’t feel well and we have flexible leave arrangements for staff if time is needed to care for a family member who is poorly or self-isolating. In addition, we have cancelled all unnecessary travel and any participation at events. Whilst we love meeting you in person, we have now switched to virtual communication to keep everyone safe until government guidance changes.

  2. Moving to remote working

    We’re fortunate that all our work can be done remotely and we have the operational and technological frameworks in place to achieve this without disruption. Following government guidance announced yesterday, we have moved today to enable all staff to work from home with immediate effect.

    We already support employee flexibility in terms of where and when work is done and our remote working policy enables our employees to work remotely in both a productive and secure manner. We will be using robust technology for calls and meetings. Our resourcing and delivery processes remain consistent. There is therefore no reason for our service levels to you to change throughout this period.

  3. Dealing with market turbulence

    Fresh Egg is privately owned and provides multiple products and services to clients across a wide range of sectors. This gives us full control over our own decision-making and the resilience to sustain operations with minimal disruption.

  4. Contacting Fresh Egg

    Our switchboard telephone number, 01903 285900, will continue to be manned and all Fresh Egg direct dial numbers will still be working. If for any reason you cannot reach a Fresh Egg employee that you need to speak to, please email and we will call you back swiftly on receiving your message.