Friday Social Round Up: eBay Pop-up Shop, First Instagram Music Video and Fake Facebook Privacy Notice

eBay pop-up shop

Today eBay will be opening up an eBay Social Shopping pop-up shop in Covent Garden, which will remain open until Sunday the 2nd of December. There will be in-store screens showing live data highlighting products that people are recommending via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Tiffany Holland of pointed out that research carried out on behalf of eBay found that 47% of Britons looked to friends for advice when making a decision regarding purchases, adding that:

"…with almost a quarter of people planning [to shop] via smartphones and tablets this Christmas, the relationship between social media and mobile shopping is getting stronger." 

eBay's apps will be heavily promoted in the store, with demonstrations of how to use QR codes, augmented reality and 3D technology. Carrie Bienkowski, eBay's head of buyer experience, said:

“By pairing views of social communities with eBay’s own vast selection of top Christmas gifts and mobile expertise, we hope to give shoppers lots of inspiration and put a little bit of fun into Christmas shopping.”

First Instagram music video

Arturo Perez Jr. decided to do something different when it came to making The Plastics Revolution’s latest music video Invasión. The band took 1905 photos around San Francisco, painstakingly running each one through Instagram. They then combined them to create the video, saying of the finish product:

“This is the very first music video done entirely on Instagram without any third party alterations. Every single frame of this music video is an actual picture that we ran through Instagram. We never shot any video. We only shot still photography.”

What do you think of the video?

Invasión - The Plastics Revolution (Video oficial/Official Music Video) from The Plastics Revolution on Vimeo.

Fake Facebook privacy notice

You may have already seen an update (or two) in your Facebook news feed regarding Facebook’s new ‘privacy notice’. The notice has gone viral on the social media network after Facebook announced it would let users comment on proposed changes to its governing documents but not vote.

The content of the full notice was follows:

Welcome Hashtag

In the past, people have named their children after internet services. There is a Swedish boy named Google, an Egyptian girl called Facebook and an Israeli girl called Like. The latest in this ridiculous fad is a baby girl who has just been named Hashtag. I wonder if she will shorten it to “Hash” in her teen years? Perhaps she might prefer “Tag”?

Due to Hashtag’s surname being Jameson, some people are sceptical and are insinuating that this is a marketing ploy by Jameson Whiskey. Let’s hope so for the sake of the little girl!

Viral video

Uploaded on the 26th of November and now having over 14.3 million views, this clip from a Brazilian TV show has definitely gone viral. What would you do if this happened to you?

Infographic time

This week’s infographic is about how to use infographics successfully.


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