Fresh Eyes on Fresh Egg – What It’s Like to Work With Us

Written by Intern - 10 Sep 2014

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at a digital marketing agency like Fresh Egg?

I’ve been a senior account manager based in our Worthing office for a few months now. It seemed as good a time as any to provide a new starter’s perspective on the agency, so that’s exactly what I’ve done.

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So, here’s what I’ve learned so far about Fresh Egg and its people:

The people are warm

The culture at Fresh Egg is open and friendly. You would expect this from a digitally-focused employer but it isn’t always the case. The warm welcome offered by everyone makes joining the company and hitting the ground running easier for new starters. It’s also a very down-to-earth culture, refreshingly lacking in ego.

Fresh Egg team meeting

A Fresh Egg team meeting in our Worthing Office

There’s a lot to discovery

One of the main differences at Fresh Egg is how rigorous the discovery process is. Most agencies have a planning process and carry out audits etc., but, at Fresh Egg, the process feels much more comprehensive, logical and complete. (You can find out a bit more about our discovery process here.)

I was fortunate to join two accounts during their discovery phases, so I’ve witnessed first-hand how it works. The outputs are truly impressive, more akin to a management or strategic consultancy than a digital agency. This is a real point of difference in the market, and it gives us confidence that the work we subsequently do for clients is based on meaningful insight from the start. Which leads me to…

There’s a strong learning culture

It’s a cliché to say so, but the pace of change in digital is relentless. There’s a strong commitment at Fresh Egg to keeping on top of and leading that change. Relevant articles, data, tools, widgets, and new developments are shared on our Wiki, in weekly agency meetings and in client-focused team huddles.

We’re a passionate bunch

The enthusiasm on show in client meetings and internal catch-ups is clearly evident and infectious. People are passionate about their areas of specialism and readily share their enthusiasm and knowledge with others.

There’s a lively atmosphere of discussion and sharing, which not only helps our customers, but makes being at work an enjoyable experience.

We keep things simple

Agencies can get themselves into a terrible muddle by trying to over-complicate processes and ways of working. They can over-intellectualise what they do and end up losing sight of what we’re here for, which is to help our customers meet their commercial objectives.

I find things to be simpler, more straightforward and more commercially-focused at Fresh Egg. It’s easier to get the job done without disappearing down the rabbit-hole that some agencies unwittingly fall into.

Fresh Egg Worthing office

Fresh Egg's Worthing Office

Since I’ve joined in May…

  • I worked on a pitch (which Fresh Egg won) and am now working on two fantastic but completely different brands in the fashion sector.
  • I’ve visited one of our clients in India and am enjoying getting to grips with and focusing on the Indian market – understanding the fashion sector, the consumers, the online behaviours and the commercial nuances of such a vast and fascinating country
  • I’ve taken part in client brainstorms, and participated in and delivered training sessions
  • We’ve had our agency summer party and there’s been a number of nights out, both with our clients and the team here
  • I regularly make the short trip to London by train, either to spend time in our London office or to meet clients. It’s great to be based somewhere by the beautiful seaside and yet still be within reasonable distance of the city
  • When I want to take time out, I go for a walk along the lovely peaceful seafront just outside the office, and there’s also an onsite gym if you want to keep fit, as well as a pool table and video games area

In short, there’s a lot going on, and this is only the beginning of my time here.

Want to learn what it’s like to work at Fresh Egg yourself? Pop along to our stand at BrightonSEO on Friday (12 September 2014) to meet some of our lovely team and find out about our current vacancies. We’re looking forward to meeting you already.

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